Patrick Ductant of Billionaires Row on the Importance of Being a Disruptor

Not many can boast a life story as triumphant as Patrick Ductant, Co-Founder and President of Billionaires Row Global. His roots reflect the story of a truly self-made Executive – someone whose past struggles have lit a fire that continues to burn an unstoppable pathway to this day. 

Billionaires Row is a global luxury brand that designs, develops, and markets luxury goods for the modern trendsetting and affluent customer, with a distinctively exclusive edge. Most known for their officially recognized French Champagne and Cognac, Ductant has reshaped the scope of his Company, fueling its rise to one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Prior to his work at Billionaires Row, Ductant served as the CEO and Co-Founder of Venturion Marketing Group, with a background in investment, finance, and real estate.

Ductant’s remarkable story begins with his mother – one of 43 refugees sailing from Haiti to reach the shores of Miami. The trip lasted five days, with no water or food, and only 16 souls survived that trip – and his mother was one of them. Patrick has a great sense of gratitude for his mother “She is my world. She has made so many sacrifices to give me and my siblings a better life and a brighter future.” Her bravery and toughness instilled in Ductant a sense of certainty and self-awareness about what is possible in this world through sheer drive and willpower.

“Whenever I walk into a room, I walk in with the deep conviction of who I am as a person, and that comes from my past. I understand the struggle and have gone through the fire – and there’s nothing that can hold me back. My advice to other entrepreneurs is – don’t buy into your own shortcomings. If you truly believe you can accomplish something, go do it.”

Through his work at Billionaires Row, Ductant has been able to infuse his passion for distinction, exclusivity, and timeless sophistication with his groundbreaking character to bring the Company to new heights. “As an entrepreneur, it’s important for me to have an impact on wherever I’m investing. I was able to be a disruptor in the luxury space – to bring our trademarked products into the biggest global markets and most recognized distributors. I’m a builder, and when I get into my zone, I’m unrelenting. I love this work so much; I wake up at 3 am to do it.”

His story provides an important lesson in balancing humbleness instilled by struggle, with a ferocious striving towards excellence and expansion. “I’ve often been told what I couldn’t do. And I’ve proven a lot of people wrong. If I feel it in my soul that I can do it, no one can tell me no. I go where people don’t believe they can go. Ultimately, you can mope about your past, but don’t question who it makes you today – what’s for you is for you.”

Billionaires Row luxury products are available at and major retailers worldwide. You can follow Patrick’s journey by following.


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