Pastor Andrew F Carter of Royal City Church Spreads the Gospel through Social Media

Over the past decades, the digital space has become an essential part of our daily lives. Its ability to flatten physical barriers and maintain connectivity with people worldwide makes it one of the greatest communication and education tools. This rings true for Pastor Andrew, the Lead Pastor of Royal City Church, who started his gospel ministry on social media via a viral TikTok video.

Pastor Andrew’s ministerial journey is unique and phenomenal. Unlike many of his peers, he did not grow up in a church or go to seminary or theology school. Instead, he grew up in foster care surrounded by drugs, sex and violence and barely escaped being another statistic by earning a college degree and starting a business. However, despite his success, he always felt empty and tried everything to fill that gaping void. His many endeavors would eventually lead to eighteen-month incarceration, a blessing in disguise as he finally found peace and found his way to Jesus. 

With no access to mentors or individuals to help strengthen his spiritual walk with God, Pastor Andrew took to social media to share his life’s experiences and used his testimony of overcoming the odds to spread love, light and hope. His stories inspired and gave hope to others struggling with their faith and Individuals who have been marginalized, overlooked and pushed away by the traditional institution of religion. To continue spreading the gospels and building a community of faithfuls, Pastor Andrew and his wife Kyra Carter founded Royal City Church based in Los Angeles, CA, to share their passion about Jesus Christ and spread the gospel to their immediate community and the world. “We can’t narrow our audience down to gender, age, race or even socioeconomic status because hopelessness touches everyone,” he stated. 

Additionally, he guest speaks at churches, youth camps, conferences and summits and travels all around the nation preaching the gospel, doing missionary work, humanitarian projects and God’s Kingdom work. He is also an influencer and the author of two devotionals called The Struggle Is Real But So Is God Volume 1 and 2.

For Pastor Andrew, the foundation of his philosophy is built on his relationship with Christ and the principles of consistency and discipline. To embody the teachings of Christ, help lead people to God and to help people in need, he and his wife established Andrew F Carter Ministries. This non-profit organization supports communities in need around the world. Through the organization, they provide essentials for children worldwide experiencing poverty, supply medical aid for ill children and help low-income families. They also recover and rebuild those in women shelters and foster care, aid refugee children, and provide food for the unhoused communities. 

In the coming years, Pastor Andrew shares his vision for his ministry. He said, “In the next five years, I believe Royal City Church will be a church that is celebrated nationwide because of the impact that it will make in the community. I’m praying that in the coming years, the love and atmosphere that we create will bring people in from all walks of life from all over the world.”To learn more about Pastor Andrew Formby-Carter and the  Royal City Church, visit the church’s website.


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