Pasit Viwatkurkul’s Bold Entry: Securing $110 Million Sets the Stage for a Wave of New Entrepreneurs in the War Business

Pasit Viwatkurkul's Bold Entry: Securing $110 Million Sets the Stage for a Wave of New Entrepreneurs in the War Business
Photo Courtesy: Pasit Viwatkurkul

Pasit’s Journey to starting a Defense Company

With a strong background in technology, Pasit has been motivated to establish a defense startup due to his belief in the crucial role that technology and logistical supplies play in safeguarding nations and communities. In today’s world, where our reliance on defense mechanisms is more pronounced than ever, there is a pressing need for advanced technologies to address evolving threats. Pasit’s technical expertise, along with his team, provides a unique opportunity to contribute to security efforts by developing cutting-edge solutions in technology and logistics that can enhance defense capabilities globally.

Staying True to His Vision

Unlike traditional defense contractors that may rely on established methods and technologies, Mstar Defense is a startup that emphasizes agility, innovation, and customization in developing solutions tailored to the evolving needs of defense agencies and military forces. Mstar Defense specializes in leveraging cutting-edge technologies and advanced materials to develop next-generation defense systems and equipment. Additionally, Mstar Defense’s offerings prioritize versatility, scalability, and efficiency, ensuring that their solutions meet the diverse demands of modern warfare while offering cost-effective and reliable options for defense procurement.

Partnerships and Future Collaborations

Mstar Defense has established partnerships and collaborations with government agencies, military organizations, and other stakeholders within the defense ecosystem. Due to the sensitive nature of their work and contractual obligations, the company is unable to disclose specific details at this time. Pasit stated, “Collaborations play a crucial role in our ability to develop cutting-edge solutions and contribute to national security efforts. Rest assured, our relationships with key stakeholders are integral to our success and drive our commitment to innovation and excellence in the defense sector.” He also noted that future announcements of key partnerships will be unveiled soon as the company matures in this industry.

Biggest Challenges for Pasit and Mstar Defense

One of the primary challenges the startup faces in terms of setting up logistics and sourcing materials is the current landscape of low supplies and high demands. With material scarcity becoming increasingly prevalent, particularly in critical sectors like defense, securing the necessary resources poses a significant obstacle. This scarcity not only affects the availability of raw materials but also impacts the procurement process, leading to longer lead times and potential delays in project execution. Moreover, navigating the complexities of the defense procurement process adds another layer of challenge for the team. The stringent regulatory requirements, security clearances, and compliance standards inherent in the defense sector necessitate meticulous attention to detail and adherence to strict protocols that Mstar Defense must follow at all costs. Meeting these requirements while also managing the logistical aspects of sourcing materials can be daunting, particularly for a startup with limited resources and new experience in the defense industry. Luckily, Mstar Defense has good partners who are veterans in this field.

Ethical and Responsible Use of Technologies

Pasit shared that the company has established internal policies and guidelines that govern the ethical use of its technologies in hardware and software. These policies emphasize principles such as transparency, accountability, and respect for human rights. Mstar Defense conducts regular ethical assessments and risk analyses to identify potential ethical implications associated with their technologies, particularly in areas where the risk of harm or misuse is heightened. Furthermore, they engage in ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, including government agencies, civil society organizations, and advocacy groups, to solicit feedback and input on the ethical dimensions of their technologies. By actively listening to diverse perspectives and incorporating stakeholder feedback into their decision-making processes, they strive to ensure that their technologies are developed and deployed in a manner that minimizes harm as much as possible.

Attracting a Top Talent Pool

Mstar Defense is implementing a strategic approach that emphasizes its mission, culture, and values to appeal to prospective candidates. Pasit expressed that, “As a startup, Mstar Defense approaches hiring with careful consideration, understanding the critical role that top talent plays in the company’s success while also being mindful of its financial runway.” In attracting and retaining top talent in fields like engineering, cybersecurity, and data analytics, particularly within the competitive landscape of the defense industry, Mstar Defense prioritizes several strategies. Firstly, the company leverages its startup culture and mission-driven focus to appeal to candidates who are passionate about making a significant impact through their work. They emphasize the opportunity for employees to contribute meaningfully to the development of innovative solutions that address pressing challenges in national security and defense. The company pledges to offer competitive compensation packages that may include equity options and performance-based incentives.

Pasit also shared, “While Mstar Defense tries to match the salaries offered by larger corporations, they provide opportunities for potential financial upside through equity ownership, aligning employees’ interests with the long-term success of the company.” Furthermore, the company emphasizes the unique learning and growth opportunities available within the Mstar Defense environment. Employees have the chance to take on diverse responsibilities, work on cutting-edge projects, and rapidly advance their careers. Mstar Defense fosters a culture of continuous learning and skill development, providing resources for training, certifications, and professional development to support their employees’ growth trajectories. By implementing these strategies, Mstar Defense believes they can attract and retain top talent in fields such as engineering and cybersecurity, despite the competitive nature of the defense industry talent pool. The company focuses on hiring cautiously while keeping the financial runway afloat to ensure that they make strategic hiring decisions that contribute to the long-term success and sustainability.




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