Luxury Libation Brand ONE ROQ Vodka Offers Exclusive Membership Platform for Lifestyle Enthusiasts

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With a mission to redefine the luxury spirits category, ONE ROQ Spirits has quickly  positioned itself to become a top contender in the spirits industry. Boasting a distinctively smooth taste and an elegant bottle design, this brand is gaining popularity among discerning consumers who value quality and innovation. From its unique business model to its commitment to clean ingredients, ONE ROQ is setting itself apart as a forward-thinking brand that is poised for long-term success.

ONE ROQ is both a vodka and the world’s first member-owned luxury spirits company. When wine & spirits enthusiasts become members of the ONE ROQ Club, they gain access to an exclusive membership platform that offers a unique level of luxury, lifestyle, and financial inclusivity.

J. Garrett Green, founder and CEO of ONE ROQ Spirits, is further revolutionizing the way vodka lovers enjoy their favorite spirits. With a gold medal from the International SIP Awards and a dedication to being gluten-free, sulfite-free, sodium-free, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher, ONE ROQ Spirits is quickly becoming the preferred choice for both home bars and gift-giving occasions. Green is an experienced consumer goods entrepreneur with 18 years of ground up brand launches under his belt, including the national launch of non-dairy milk, Elmhurst Milked, where he served on the early marketing team setting foundational brand strategy. Today, Elmhurst has sold over one million cases and can be found in major retailers across the country.

ONE ROQ’s Club membership offers exclusive access to ONE ROQ Spirits, as well as over 2000 other popular wines, spirits, and beverages delivered directly to members’ doorsteps. Additionally, members can take advantage of thousands of rewards in fine dining, travel, and entertainment, saving up to 75% on hotels, events, and restaurants through premium upgrades.  

On top of all that, members can become part of a well-funded startup that allows them to invest early through new SEC regulated investment offerings. With more than 5,000 shareholders worldwide, ONE ROQ has become one of the most consistently funded wine and spirits brands in equity crowdfunding, and even has taken notice. Green’s entrepreneurial passion and commitment to excellence have earned him a place among the top 10 entrepreneurs of 2020 by Yahoo Finance, and his innovative approach to the consumer goods sector could bring about a positive disruption in one of the largest consumer markets in the world. With a family line that can be traced back to historical figures such as General Nathaniel Greene and Lord Alexander De Greene (Zouche), Green’s passion for excellence runs deep. 

“I believe that to be empowered you must be free, and to be free, you must Own Your Spirit,” says Green. By joining, vodka and adult drink lovers alike can be a part of a brand that’s redefining the way we think about luxury and libations.

About ONE ROQ Spirits

ONE ROQ Spirits is the maker of ONE ROQ Vodkas and, a next-generation wine & spirits brand and membership community leveraging technology, law, and brand strategy within the $1.4T global distilled spirits market. ONE ROQ’s latest public Investment Offering builds on the momentum of the Company’s prior, over-subscribed rounds of SEC-Regulated Crowdfunding where it will use proceeds to expand sales and operations. Contact:

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