One of Amazon’s Best-Selling Tax Attorneys, Mark J. Kohler, is a Robinhood for Small Businesses

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In the opinion of law students and economics students alike, the tax code is the most challenging of all subjects. The United States has also faced the problem of a tax policy that can be complex for thousands of small business owners to understand and implement. It is true that many people are in need of clarification when it comes to taxation nuances. Are there any differences between tax law and other laws in terms of how it is interpreted? To find out the answer, you need to speak with the right person.

In the United States, there are fewer than 3% of lawyers who specialize in tax law. The majority of tax lawyers work exclusively for large corporations, which leaves the average business owner with limited options on who they can turn to for support and help. As a result of this challenge, unlicensed coaches and so-called ‘gurus’ have been trying to fill the gap by providing services to small businesses and entrepreneurs, oftentimes with exorbitant prices to boot. 

To solve the problem, Main Street found a CPA and a lawyer all in one. As a highly qualified tax attorney, Mark J. Kohler is passionate about helping small businesses. He has completed more than 10,000 client consultations during his tenure as a small business tax lawyer, an impressive feat for a legal expert in any field. 

The nuances of taxation are not the only area where Mark has a deep understanding. He is equally adept at understanding modern business models, including the differences between real taxation and virtual taxation. Renowned for the two Crypto Tax Summits  he held on the east and west coast of the US in 2022, he is venturing deeper into the metaverse as it becomes more popular with Americans.

Mark J. Kohler is an advocate for consumer rights who fights aggressively to protect the rights of Americans to obtain proper tax and legal support. As part of this effort he warns business owners about  “promoters” who aren’t lawyers, but merely ‘document preparers’ selling their services at outrageous prices when they aren’t even lawyers or certified tax advisors. 

The knowledge Kohler has gained from his practical experience is shared in his educational products. Kohler says small business owners should not be afraid of tax burdens because they may seem confusing or complicated.

Mark has authored four books that are available on Amazon, Kindle, and Audible. The book ‘What Your CPA Isn’t Telling You: Life-Changing Tax Strategies’ illustrates the importance of tax planning through a fictional story. It is packed with fundamental strategies for business owners looking to invest their profits in things Wall Street isn’t telling you about. Mark also created a Workbook with 60+ videos, webinars, exercises, and templates, The 8-Steps to Starting and Growing Your Business Workbook helps clients start and grow their businesses. 

Mark also aims to reach and engage non-traditional audiences with tax law through social media and YouTube. 

He has his own YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers and 16 million downloads, and he creates and publishes videos on a weekly basis. He hosts two podcasts, which have received over 2 million downloads. Mark also hosts two weekly podcasts: “The Main Street Business Podcast” and “The Directed IRA Podcast” These broadcasts are relied upon by business owners across America for straightforward tax and legal strategies that make sense. Mat Sorensen, his co-host on both podcasts, is also his partner and co-founder of A trust company helping clients all over the country self-direct their retirement accounts in alternative assets and now has over $ 1 billion in client accounts. 

He communicates through all the major social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Believe it or not, this Main Street Tax Lawyer also regularly posts on Instagram and TikTok

Mark J. Kohler actually created himself from the ground up. Since high school he has run multiple small businesses of his own, he is knowledgeable about the challenges, difficulties, and obstacles entrepreneurs face starting a small business. 

Mark J. Kohler has always been an entrepreneur at heart. As a child, he always had a lemonade stand, trying to make money by selling products in order to support the family. The first business he started during his high school years was a cleaning service that he operated during his free time. In spite of the fact that he majored in business when he attended college, he quickly realized that accounting was of primary importance to the success of a small business after he graduated from college. It was during the course of his undergraduate studies that he established a more robust janitorial business. After earning his Master’s degree in accounting and a law degree, he founded a law firm devoted to the representation of small businesses.

Mark’s mission with all of his businesses and education is to help others reach their American dream. Small business owners seeking practical and affordable tax advice have finally found a solution within Mark’s teachings and working with his team.

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