On the Prowl for Change: The Real Tarzann’s Influence on Wildlife Conservation

The Real Tarzann's Influence on Wildlife Conservation
Photo Courtesy: Mike Holston / @therealtarzann @jeffvanags

Animal education takes center stage as Mike Holston, famously known as “The Real Tarzann,” continues his mission to educate and entertain millions about the wonders of wildlife and the importance of conservation efforts.

For Holston, the connection with animals wasn’t just a passing interest—it was a way of life. A native of South Florida, Holston’s journey into the animal kingdom began when he moved to the region with his mother. Surrounded by diverse wildlife and unique ecosystems, South Florida became the backdrop for his passion for animals and conservation. 

Through his adventures and encounters with various species, he realized the significance of spreading awareness to his vast Instagram following, which now exceeds a staggering 9.4 million followers. Yet, for Holston, the numbers are more than just a measure of popularity. Each follower represents a spark of curiosity, a flicker of interest in the world beyond their own.

Inspired by the late Steve Irwin, Holston found a role model whose commitment to wildlife education through entertaining means resonated deeply with him. Embracing Irwin’s fearless approach and dedication to animal welfare, Holston adopted the moniker “The Real Tarzann” and embarked on a mission to share his knowledge and experiences with the world.

Transitioning from his role as an exotic animal specialist and zookeeper at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation of Mario and Maria Tabraue in Miami, Florida, Holston leveraged social media platforms to amplify his message. Beyond the realm of entertainment, he saw an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the pressing issues facing wildlife conservation. In a world where many species teeter on the brink of extinction, education emerges as a means to rally support for the creatures that share the planet.

With a blend of captivating content and informative narration, his YouTube channel, aptly named The Real Tarzann, became a hub for wildlife enthusiasts and conservation advocates alike. From heart-pounding encounters with dangerous creatures to insightful discussions on conservation issues, Holston’s videos quickly gained traction, amassing millions of views and subscribers. With each click and share, Holston’s message resonated, expanding his cause to spread awareness for wildlife conservation.

Further leveraging his online influence, he spearheads fundraising campaigns for animal charities and actively participates in rescue efforts. In 2018, his efforts led to the successful rescue and relocation of over 200 iguanas stranded in the freezing waters of South Florida, showcasing the tangible impact of collective action and awareness.

Holston’s journey serves as an example of the transformative power of education and advocacy in safeguarding the planet’s precious biodiversity. Through his engaging storytelling and unwavering passion, he inspires a new generation of conservationists and animal lovers to take action and protect the natural world.

As “The Real Tarzann,” Mike Holston continues to push boundaries, break stereotypes, and champion the cause of animal education with boundless enthusiasm and dedication. Join him on this thrilling adventure into the wild unknown, guided by a shared passion for the creatures that call this planet home.

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Published by: Nelly Chavez


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