Nurturing Health and Wellness: A Deep Dive into Whitney Tingle and Sakara Life

Nurturing Health and Wellness: A Deep Dive into Whitney Tingle and Sakara Life
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Envisioning a world where nutrition is foremost, Whitney Tingle’s name echoes across the health and wellness landscape as the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sakara Life. An undeniable force, her passionate resolve to transform the general perspective on health has given birth to Sakara Life, an empire that’s not just delivering organic meals but also changing lives and mindsets.

Growing up in Sedona, Whitney graduated magna cum laude from the University of Arizona before kick-starting her career in the financial services sector. Her professional journey stretched from serving as a financial advisor intern at Merrill Lynch followed by becoming the Business Development & Marketing Executive for R.E. Davis Group.

Whitney’s Wall Street career, laden with busy schedules, stress, and unhealthy foods, had a significant impact on her physical health. Her prolonged struggle with cystic acne pushed her towards a turning point. Whitney, in collaboration with her best friend and holistic health coach, Danielle DuBoise, decided to take control of their health.

The duo embarked on a journey to create a lifestyle-oriented meal program that married the science-backed philosophies of Western medicine with the time-tested rituals of Eastern healing. Thus, Sakara Life was born, transforming Whitney’s life—freeing her of dietary concerns, rejuvenating her skin, and effectively resetting her mind.

Without a doubt, transitioning from a bootstrap idea to a capital-intensive business wasn’t an easy road. Whitney acknowledges the hardships she and Danielle faced trying to persuade potential investors to believe in their business mission. Notwithstanding the bias in venture capitalism, she remains a vivid advocate for persistence in raising capital, emphasizing the power of belief and determination in building a successful business.

This ethos is echoed in Sakara Life’s transition from the infancy phase to a colossal $150M entity. The company made impressive inroads, securing vital investment during their first round of fundraising—an affirmation of Whitney and Danielle’s unwavering faith in their mission.

While dedication and hard work kept Whitney going through challenging phases, the essence of gratitude and love for what she does made the journey worthwhile. Practicing gratitude, embracing challenges as opportunities, and maintaining an unyielding belief in the business mission are the bedrock of Whitney’s entrepreneurial spirit.

As Sakara Life began to flourish, Whitney’s leadership responsibilities grew manifold. Managing the hiring of a hundred new employees during a pandemic showcased not just her mettle as a leader, but her dedication to keeping the company culture thriving in difficult times—a testament to her dynamic leadership style. Employing digital tools like Slack, she ensured seamless communication channels across the organization, regardless of physical distance.

Running Sakara Life came with its unique rewards and trials, with one being the joy and challenge of building and scaling a business alongside her best friend. Their professional camaraderie blended seamlessly with their personal friendship, laying the foundation for the company’s dynamic drive towards a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Regardless of her numerous roles, Whitney perfectly embodies the fine balance between work and personal life. As the Co-CEO of Sakara Life, she is responsible for driving the company’s vision forward, overseeing the production of functional, plant-rich meals and products, and driving the expansion of the Sakara Life brand nationwide. Meanwhile, as a mom, she embraces her familial responsibilities with fervor.

Whitney Tingle is an inspiration as a modern entrepreneur—balancing multiple roles in a scope where the boundaries between personal and professional lives often blur. Her journey is a testament to the power of dedication, belief, and maintaining a steadfast focus on one’s passion.

Ultimately, Whitney Tingle’s success at Sakara Life is a testament to her profound commitment to the philosophy of beauty from the inside out. Her dedication to promoting holistic health practices and changing the narrative around nutrition not only defines her career but also inspires anyone seeking to make a significant impact in their respective field.


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