Noone: A journey helping people attain the pure state of being

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What is Noone, you may wonder? It represents one’s pure state of being, where one is free of all thoughts, and one is with all of existence. Read on to know more.

Inner peace and self-discovery are things that people in today’s age and life and amidst the hustle of every day hardly focus on or barely get to experience. They find newer ways to overcome their daily challenges and struggles and even resort to meditative practices, workouts, yoga, and the like. However, they need to pay more attention to “Noone,” which could help them get on the path to inner peace and self-discovery.

What is Noone? You ask. In simple terms, it is one’s pure state of being and the dimension within themselves where they are free of all thoughts and one with all of existence. This dimension is called Noone. It is what we are as humans and souls, our true nature, that expresses itself moment by moment. The spiritual practice of Noone was first founded by Harnun, an African spiritual teacher and humanitarian, who sought liberation and spiritual transformation for his people. Originally born in Uganda, Harnun’s Vision was to bring spiritual upliftment and self-realization to the people in the continent and spread throughout the worlds. The efforts to get Noone to all people looking for liberation from the material plane has gathered people from all over the world.

The roots of the term Noone can be traced back to the ancient Kemetic language, which was known as “Nun,” representing the “inert one.” Noone was associated with concepts like nowhere, nothingness, infinity, stillness, and darkness in ancient Egyptian scriptures. They perceived this as a pure witness to creation and the source of all existence and believed that the universe came from the primordial waters of Nun. Several legends even suggested that everything would slip back under these waters by the end of the world. 

Many can argue on the meditation and its relationship to the concept of “Noone”. Noone represents a profound form of meditation, encapsulating the essence of existence itself. It unveils life’s intricate, harmonious, non-dualistic, and interwoven aspects. Unlike meditation, which involves a deliberate process and activity, Noone embodies sheer stillness and a state of pure existence. It transcends the boundaries of thought and action, allowing individuals to connect with the core of their being. Thus, while meditation offers a valuable path to inner peace and self-discovery, Noone stands as an immediate and unadulterated experience of the interconnectedness of all existence.

The state of pure being, often referred to as “Noone,” holds the potential to guide individuals towards a profound understanding of ultimate reality without causing them to feel estranged from the everyday world. Through unwavering dedication and consistent practice, one can attain a deep realization of the self, this Noone. This transformative journey unlocks gateways to genuine enlightenment, nurturing innate qualities of compassion and wisdom. In this state, individuals are naturally inclined to respond to life’s challenges with peacefulness and insight, fostering harmony within themselves and in their interactions with others.

The practice of Noone facilitates liberation from the constraints of past and future, as well as the self-imposed barriers that often limit personal growth. It encourages individuals to recognize these limitations as constructs of their own making and not as the immutable realities they may have believed them to be. In this way, Noone becomes a powerful tool for self-discovery, self-transcendence, and a deeper connection to the interconnected nature of existence.

Noone, as a practice, is refreshingly simple, devoid of any elaborate steps or intricate stages. It can be taught without unnecessary frills. The essence of Noone involves a straightforward process: sit in an upright posture and attentively observe one’s breath until complete alertness and presence are achieved. This practice embraces silence as its core element, enabling individuals to shed the trappings of the ego and the unconscious mind. Over time, through this practice, individuals can transcend their limited sense of self and merge seamlessly into the vast, interconnected ocean of life, experiencing a profound sense of unity and harmony with the universe.

Noone transcends the confines of mere seated meditation; it evolves into a continuous state of being that seamlessly infiltrates all aspects of life, including work, eating, sleeping, standing, and walking. This comprehensive integration of Noone into daily existence fosters a holistic and non-dualistic perspective in cognition, allowing individuals to celebrate the stillness of the mind amidst the bustling activities of life. It becomes a way of harmonizing the inner and outer worlds, leading to a profound sense of mindfulness and interconnectedness. In embracing Noone, individuals are empowered to navigate life’s challenges with grace and serenity, perpetually anchored in the present moment, and fully appreciative of the beauty and richness of every experience.

Noone is not just a method; it is true meditation and the actual state of awakening, which is our true nature. The essence of Noone embarks people on a journey towards attaining their pure state of being.


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