Nicole Wilson On Innovating Mental Health Through Everyday Living App

Nicole Wilson
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Mental health is essential to one’s overall well-being, and accessible mental health resources cannot be overstated. However, although the importance of mental health has been widely acknowledged, there is still much to be done to make these resources easily accessible to everyone. Fortunately, technological developments have paved the way for creative approaches that can greatly increase the use and efficacy of mental health care.

In this article, we explore how technology can connect communities and drive change in the mental health industry, highlighting the journey of Nicole Wilson from establishing a mental health facility to developing the Everyday Living App, an Innovative Community Resource App that has revolutionized the way people access mental health resources.

Nicole Wilson founded Anointed Caring Homes, a mental health facility that provided comprehensive care to individuals in need, in 2006. With a strong passion for mental health and a commitment to improving lives, Wilson grew and scaled the business, eventually selling it for double multiple million. However, her journey in the mental health industry was far from over, as she recognized that there was still so much more that could be done to improve the lives of those struggling with mental health challenges. With that in mind, Wilson decided to take her knowledge and experience to the tech industry, aiming to break barriers and revolutionize the way mental health resources are accessed.

Wilson started Anointed Caring Homes with a clear vision in mind: to provide high-quality mental health care that would truly make a difference in people’s lives. Over the years, her team worked tirelessly to grow and scale the business, transforming it into a leading provider of mental health services. They were dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment for their clients, offering customized care plans that catered to their unique needs. The sale of Anointed Caring Homes marked a significant milestone in Wilson’s career, but her passion for mental health never wavered.

One glaring issue within the mental health industry was the inability of provider fairs to effectively connect individuals with the resources they needed. These events were often sparsely attended and left many lost and overwhelmed. Wilson saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between those in need and the resources available to them and developed the Everyday Living App, the first-ever Innovative Community Resource App.

The Everyday Living App was created to transform how people access mental health services. The software promises to simplify the procedure and allow users to manage their mental health journey.

The app provides a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate platform that combines a wide array of services in one convenient location. Users can easily search for and access resources tailored to their specific needs, whether it’s finding a local therapist, support group, or mental health clinic.

By digitizing the process and creating a user-friendly interface, the app has effectively eliminated the barriers that once stood in the way of individuals seeking help. As a result, the app has revolutionized the mental health industry, making it easier than ever for everyday people to find the support and resources they need to lead healthier, happier lives. As a CEO for nearly two decades, Wilson understands the critical role of decisive executive decisions in driving change and making a lasting impact. Every decision made must be carefully considered and weighed against its potential to improve lives and benefit humanity.

While the app has significantly impacted connecting individuals with mental health resources, much work must be done to address the growing need for mental health services. Legislative changes and an influx of properly trained professionals with a passion for the industry are essential in driving real, lasting progress. Wilson recognizes the importance of collaboration between industry leaders, legislators, and passionate professionals in creating the necessary change. Advocating for policies that will increase access to mental health resources and foster the development of more companies and living facilities that can address the growing demand is vital. By working together, individuals can effectively tackle the backlog of individuals in need and ensure that every person has access to the care and support they deserve.

The journey from founding Anointed Caring Homes to developing the Innovative Community Resource App has been an incredible learning experience, demonstrating the power of innovation.


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