“The Power of Connection: How Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce Fosters Growth”

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In the beautiful coastal city of Newport Beach, California, the thriving local business community owes much of its success to the support and guidance provided by the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce. This organization has been a vital force in fostering growth, collaboration, and innovation among its diverse members, positioning itself as an indispensable pillar in this vibrant business landscape.

At the helm of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce is Steven Rosansky, President and CEO, who brings a wealth of experience to his role. Having been with the Chamber for over a decade, Rosansky has seen the organization evolve while maintaining a focus on its core mission: “to be a support organization for small business in Newport Beach.” Rosansky’s journey with the Chamber began after serving as a city councilman and former Mayor of Newport Beach. He has since dedicated his time to ensuring the Chamber remains relevant and effective in supporting the local business community.

Under Rosansky’s leadership, he has turned the Chamber around to where it is today. A thriving and VERY active Chamber boasting over 730 members, the largest in the Orange County area today. We host 12 major civic events per year and 5-6 core events monthly. The monthly events are designed to cater to the diverse needs of our member partners. These events are; Wake Up Newport Beach, Networking Luncheon, Sunset Mixer, Navigate Young Professionals and In*Spire Women in business. The organization’s success is attributed to its strong team and the partnerships it has forged with local businesses, and the City of Newport Beach. “We have great partners that are willing to open their doors to support our efforts  and help us with our goals,” Rosansky explains.

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An important figure within the organization is Annette Malinowski, Member Services Director  Annette, who was hired by Rosansky, and started with the Chamber in late 2021  oversees the Chamber’s efforts to provide value to its members.  Having made changes to how the Chamber Sales Memberships, the chamber has grown by 200 new members during her first year.  She has also created enhancements to the networking,  educational events as well as the committees offered  to our  members. She emphasizes the importance of visibility and connection for businesses, stating that the Chamber’s primary goal is to “make your business known .” To achieve this, the Chamber encourages all members to be actively involved. “There is something for everybody” Annette explains.

Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce
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Malinowski’s commitment to supporting women in business is particularly noteworthy.  The In*Spire Women in Business Speaker Luncheon, which started about 4 years ago is a  a platform where female entrepreneurs and professionals gather to share their inspirational experiences and insights, fostering a supportive network and empowering women in the Newport Beach business community and beyond. Through her leadership she hopes to continue to connect and increase membership and the relationships amongst women in business.

Newport Beach’s business community is characterized by a mix of small to medium-sized enterprises, with a focus on locally owned and operated establishments. This dynamic environment has cultivated a strong sense of community, which has been further strengthened by the Chamber’s efforts to support and advocate for local businesses.

Rosansky and Malinowski both emphasize the importance of getting involved and attending events to maximize the benefits of Chamber membership. They believe that active participation is crucial for building relationships, expanding networks, and ultimately achieving success in the Newport Beach business community.

One recent addition to the Chamber’s membership is de Castellane Creative (dCC), a Public Relations and Marketing firm specializing growing in direct-to-consumer businesses. As a new member, dCC has experienced firsthand the benefits of joining the Chamber. “Our membership has provided us with invaluable networking opportunities and access to resources that have accelerated our growth in the Newport Beach community,” Aaron Harris, dCC’s Chief Administration Officer shares. “We have been particularly impressed with the Chamber’s commitment to fostering connections and supporting businesses of all sizes.”

The Chamber’s continuous innovation is also evident in its plans to introduce new events, such as the State of the County event, which aims to provide insights into the latest developments in the region, further strengthening its role as a key driver of the local economy.

Through its unwavering dedication to nurturing local businesses, the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce has become an indispensable force in the vibrant business community. Its focus on fostering growth, collaboration, and innovation, along with its strong support for small businesses and women entrepreneurs, has contributed to a dynamic and prosperous local business landscape. By joining the Chamber, businesses can benefit from the wealth of experience and resources the organization has to offer, ensuring their continued success in the thriving Newport Beach community.


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