NBA Champion Horace Grant & City Council Candidate Prince Rav Yisrael Pledge $10,000 to Sparta Charities

Access to education, healthcare and security are the essential things every society needs, and the absence of one or all of these amenities makes any society, no matter its sophistication, an underserved society. However, in this age and time, individuals, organizations (profit and non-profit) are tirelessly working to ensure that every community thrives with or without government support. In the case of Sparta, GA, a tiny town tucked away in the city of Georgia, NBA Champion Horace Grant is teaming up with the City Council Candidate Prince Rav Yisrael to pledge $10,000 towards local charities.

Sparta, GA, is a tiny town in a county where there have been hospital closures. Due to this, there are no hospitals or urgent cares in the city or county, and as such, delayed emergency care can be the difference between life and death. The town that used to be the home of antebellum mansions and a thriving community that relied heavily on its textile industry. However, when the textile companies relocated to Mexico, Sparta began to experience massive decline, and a once-thriving economy that developed through the ’60s and ’70s fizzled out within a twinkle of an eye. 

Horace Grant is an American former professional basketball player who played for the Chicago Red Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers before calling time on his career. Grant led a storied career in the NBA, having played college basketball at Clemson University before switching to the NBA as a professional basketball player and playing as the Bull’s Main Rebounder and the third scoring option after Michael Jordan. He is a four-time winner of the NBA championship and a twin brother of Harvey Grant, a former NBA player. 

Although the once-thriving city of Sparta and the entire Hancock County is no longer what it used to be as a result of its dwindling economic fortunes, Horace Grant points out how vital the city would always be to him. “The City of Sparta and all of Hancock County hold a special place in my heart. It’s my hometown,” he gushed. Having reached the pinnacle of his career as a basketballer, it is only fair to come back and contribute his quota to the revival of the town. “I just think it’s important to give back to the place that gave me so much.”

Prince Rav Yisrael is a serial entrepreneur, community developer, political candidate, and educator. He is a community and thought leader who hails originally from New York City but moved to Hancock County, Georgia, where he contested for the city council in 2019. Although he lost by a narrow margin despite only campaigning for two months, Prince Rav is undeterred in his commitment to contributing to community development because even as a private citizen, he continues to give back. And there is no better way to do that than by teaming up with Horace Grant, the golden boy whom every citizen and resident of Hancock County is proud of.

“I’m hoping that this gesture helps encourage others to give back to the community. It doesn’t have to be money. It can be volunteering, mentoring, or working with the local officials to have a stronger positive impact on the community,” Prince Rav said.

Over time, Prince Rav has proven himself as a firm believer in contributing to society in whatever capacity one is capable of regardless of time or moment, having been raised by his parents always to try and add value wherever he finds himself. “I believe in the City of Sparta. It’s a great city with a great history and great potential. So I’m dedicated to pushing the city closer to its full potential,” he said.

Connect with Prince Rav Yisrael through his Facebook, and learn more about Horace Grant through his Instagram account.


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