Navigating the News Noise with Thom Morgan’s Read Less

Navigating the News Noise with Thom Morgan's Read Less
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In the heart of Boston, beneath a lamppost’s subdued glow, Thom Morgan observes a nearby news ticker’s rapid-fire headlines. Amidst the cacophony of market crashes, political tussles, and celebrity news, a burning question arises: How does one sift through this informational deluge to find clarity and truth? For Morgan, it’s more than a mere ponderance—it’s a calling.

Not Just Another News App

The digital age has blurred the lines between genuine journalism and sensationalized content. Thom remarks, “People yearn for genuine, unbiased news—a distilled version without the extraneous noise.” This pressing need gave rise to Read Less with AI.

Unlike conventional apps, Read Less isn’t just another face in the crowd. While some platforms are often perceived as replacing the role of journalists, Read Less with AI has no such intentions. Its prime objective is to distill news and steer users towards quality articles, ensuring they spend their time efficiently. Although powered by AI, the app still relies on the pivotal work of journalists. “We’re offering engagement with news in its purest, most direct form,” asserts Morgan.

The Visionary Behind ‘Read Less with AI’

To some, the goals of Read Less with AI might seem sky-high. But for those familiar with his capabilities, this is merely an extension of his vision and just another day at the office for him. While he excels as a full stack engineer and roboticist at Boston Dynamics during daylight hours, dusk sees him honing the app to perfection.

Transitioning from tinkering with gadgets as a child to leading innovative projects at Boston Dynamics, his ascent has been nothing short of phenomenal. A calculator reengineered for the visually impaired in middle school, a robot designed to fetch items from hard-to-reach places in high school, and a tool for the hard-of-hearing in college that detects potential threats through the use of flashing lights and vibrations—all bear testimony to Morgan’s brilliance and his enduring commitment to making technology universally accessible.

A Personal Touch

Technology, however, isn’t the only thing that captivates Morgan. He is motivated by a deeper societal influence. “Read Less with AI aims to bridge the gap to information access,” he says. In a matter of weeks, he single-handedly created an AI-infused app offering unbiased news and has since expanded its outreach to include support for over 30 languages, reinforcing his commitment to universal access.

Morgan’s personal journey, marred by the challenges of living with a chronic spinal cord injury, has equipped him with a unique empathy toward the disabled community. “Given my own challenges, I’ve made it a priority to ensure that ‘Read Less with AI’ serves everyone, regardless of their abilities,” Thom declares. Features tailored for those with vision impairments, including a mode that vocalizes headlines so that a user doesn’t have to read a certain narrative, stem from Morgan’s deep-seated belief that information should be universally accessible.

A Call to Action Moving Forward

The story of Read Less with AI is still being written. As its sole developer, Morgan is fully aware of its untapped potential. “Imagine what we could achieve with a dedicated team,” he says. His vision challenges the dominance of information monopolies and urges budding developers, designers, and visionaries to join hands in crafting the next chapter of Read Less with AI. The goal? To position it as the ultimate source of truth in an age of information overload.

And it doesn’t stop there. Morgan eyes a broader canvas where the app delves into various realms of reading material. “We’re setting our sights on summarizing everything that matters—be it books, scholarly articles, or even complex contracts,” he envisions. Additionally, the full stack engineer is toying with the idea of introducing gamified elements into the platform with the goal of transforming the daunting task of staying informed into a seamless engaging experience.

In the tumultuous seas of journalism, Read Less emerges as a guiding beacon, directing users toward genuine news. The path forward might be shrouded in ambiguity, but with pioneers like Thom Morgan steering the ship, the future seems promising.


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