Navigating B2B Sales: Insights from Cody Manning of Yooz

Navigating B2B Sales: Insights from Cody Manning of Yooz
Photo Courtesy: Cody Manning

By: Elizabeth Williams

In an era marked by swift technological advances and shifts in customer expectations, Cody Manning, Yooz‘s chief sales officer, draws from a wealth of experience to offer helpful advice. Yooz, a trailblazer in financial process automation, harnesses innovative technologies to streamline accounts payable and transactional processes for businesses. In this context, Manning imparts fundamental lessons that shape his company’s approach to sales.

Empathy is the Cornerstone of Trust

Focusing on aggressive tactics or a relentless push for a close no longer characterizes the B2B sales landscape. Today’s buyers are informed and discerning. They seek partnerships with companies that understand their challenges and are genuinely invested in helping them achieve their goals.

According to Manning, “The most impactful lessons that have shaped my approach to sales at Yooz emphasize the importance of empathy, thoroughness and continuous improvement.” Manning elaborates on the significance of empathy in B2B sales: “An example is the importance of listening. Understanding their needs and perspectives is crucial, whether it’s listening to customers or colleagues. Focusing on solving their problems rather than on ourselves or our company has been a guiding principle for me.”

B2B salespeople can build trust and rapport with potential customers by prioritizing empathy. This is achieved by actively listening to their concerns, understanding their unique challenges, and demonstrating a genuine interest in their success. When salespeople prioritize empathy, they position themselves as trusted advisors, not just product peddlers.

Slow Down to Speed Up

In the fast-paced world of sales, there can be a temptation to rush through interactions to maximize the number of potential customers reached. 

Manning encourages his team to resist this temptation. He emphasizes the importance of slowing down to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs: “Another important lesson is the concept of ‘slowing down to speed up.’ This means taking the time to fully understand the dynamics of a situation, its impact on the organization and the ideal approach for implementation. Rushing to find a quick solution often leads to suboptimal results,” Manning says.

By thoroughly understanding your customer’s business and specific challenges, you can develop targeted solutions that are more likely to resonate. This thoughtful approach also allows you to identify and develop strategies to overcome potential roadblocks.

Embrace Continuous Improvement

The B2B sales landscape is constantly evolving. New technologies emerge, customer expectations change, and economic conditions shift. As the Yooz 2024 Survey: AI in the Workplace shows, buyers are both excited and anxious about the future of AI in finance and operations functions, for example.

To remain successful, B2B salespeople must be committed to continuous learning and improvement, as well as ongoing dialogue and discussion.

Manning reflects on this ongoing process: “Strive for excellence in everything we do, removing ‘good enough’ from our vocabulary.” This commitment to excellence requires learning from mistakes, adapting to new information, and continuously refining your approach.

Connectivity with market trends is a critical driver of innovation, a lesson Manning has taken to heart. “By staying connected with our partners, customers, and industry experts, we position ourselves to offer solutions that are always relevant and forward-thinking,” he says. For Yooz, this means maintaining an open line of communication and encouraging feedback that informs their service offerings, keeping them agile and responsive.

Manning has worked to build robust feedback mechanisms within Yooz to foster continuous improvement. “We’ve implemented structured channels for feedback that not only guide our product enhancements but also inform our market strategy,” he explains. These channels have enabled Yooz to anticipate industry shifts and evolve its offerings proactively, ensuring they consistently address the pain points of their B2B customers.

As Yooz continues to thrive under Manning’s leadership, its culture embodies these lessons, underscores a commitment to delivering consistent value, and cements its role as a reliable innovator in financial automation for businesses and users worldwide.

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