National Adhesive Inc. Showing a Different Approach to Business

Customers make a business successful, and understanding that early enough can make all the difference for any business. National Adhesive Inc. was built on the premise of putting customers first, and in its three years of operations, customers have benefitted immensely from the company’s customer-first approach in its business operations.

National Adhesive Inc. is a maker of sealants, adhesives, and tapes, with its operation solely based on business to consumers. The company strives to be present in the distribution chain and has put structures in place to make things easier for its customers. Its vast range of products, high quality of the products, and the willingness to understand customers’ needs have set the company apart in the industry.

National Adhesive Inc. recently launched a knowledge-based interactive platform to help customers with choosing the product they need. The platform takes away the stress of working out or guessing what they need by themselves as it provides all the information they need to make informed decisions. The platform also has a community where knowledge and other tips are regularly shared.

The company aims to connect with its consumers and show them that there is a brand that cares about them that they can trust. “Everything we do revolves around making things easy for our customers. We also make sure to ask pertinent questions such as how to make things easier for our customers, maintain the standards we have created and even perform better by exceeding expectations. We are not an adhesive company; we are a marketing and customer-focused company providing a solution to consumers in the adhesive and sealant market,” a spokesperson for the company said.

Building National Adhesive Inc. did not start in one day. Instead, it is the product of a 25-year experience in marketing and business and serving the South African market and their needs. The company has operated for only three years in North America, and it has been shot into the top leagues in the adhesives and sealant industry.

With continued growth and focus on customer service and satisfaction, the directors at National Adhesive Inc. see the company having a presence across all major retailers and stores in the United States. The company also hopes to increase its annual revenue by millions of dollars and hold a significant portion of the market in five years.

As a fast-growing adhesive and sealant company in North America, National Adhesive Inc.’s passion for simplicity and ease has kept it afloat in a cut-throat multi-billion-dollar industry. Its fresh approach is also a distinctive quality that has endeared people to the brand.Learn more about National Adhesive Inc. on the company’s website.


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