Nakia Campbell: Guiding Women Towards Success as The Mental Motivator

Nakia Campbell: Guiding Women Towards Success as The Mental Motivator
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Breaking through the glass ceiling of professional advancement requires more than just skills; it requires a mindset shift. This is the premise that underpins the work of Nakia Campbell, widely known as The Mental Motivator. Her brand’s motto, “Mindset Shift: From Make Over To Take Over,” eloquently summarizes her primary mission.

Under Campbell’s experienced leadership, The Mental Motivator LLC aims to become a key player in personal and professional development for women. The organization places clients at its heart, focusing on meeting their needs and furthering their agendas. The company’s robust roster of offerings includes career development programs, personal branding workshops, and mindfulness retreats, all aimed at equipping women with the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Campbell has made her mark as an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and CEO, dedicating her life to transforming women’s lives. She equips them with the resources to challenge their beliefs and counteract negative thinking patterns that could hamper their personal and professional development. With over a decade of experience leading teams, she is well positioned to tackle the deficiencies she perceives in the professional development of women.

Her influence extends far beyond individual coaching. Campbell has facilitated a series of online masterclasses and panel discussions, reaching a broad audience across the US, Canada, and Australia. Her tailored corporate training modules focus on essential success components like the five mindsets required for success, diversity equity, and inclusion.

The impact of her work is evidenced by her powerful presentation on the importance of mindset for survival, delivered at Michigan State University in March 2023. Her words are still reverberating across the campus and the world, inspiring and empowering many.

When she’s not on stage or running her business, Campbell devotes her time to helping others and supporting her son’s business, Calm & Cure Candle Co. Despite her busy schedule, she never hesitates to lend a helping hand. This dedication earned her the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022.

Nakia Campbell, as The Mental Motivator, stands as a beacon of change for women. Her unique blend of personal experience and professional acumen makes her a powerful agent of change. Her journey can be followed on Instagram (@the.mental.motivator) and her website ( As she continues to share her insights and experiences, one thing remains clear: The Mental Motivator is not just about making over—it’s about taking over.


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