Musician DJ Chris Angel on Overcoming His Anxiety and Depression to Rise in the Music Industry

People can list many reasons not to pursue their passion—financial problems, career stability, or family wishes. But one of the most significant obstacles in pursuing a passion is the hurdle of fear, especially when they part ways with a different career. The fear of failure can be overwhelming but not impossible to conquer. Christian Younan, best known as DJ Chris Angel, has faced such adversities. Owing to his determination to flourish, he was able to turn the tides in his favor to pursue a professional career as a DJ.

DJ Chris Angel takes his stage name from the renowned magician and illusionist Criss Angel. “I had very long hair at the time (high school),” he explained. “So someone on my team started calling me ‘Chris Angel.’” 

Performing for as long as 2018, the professional DJ has slowly been making his stamp in the music industry. Listeners can distinguish his sound from others, describing his music style as a diverse mash of rhythm and melody. “It’s probably something you’ve never heard before,” said the DJ. “I keep my listeners guessing.” As a DJ, Chris takes inspiration from several genres he grew up enjoying, translating his influence through a unique style that takes listeners to experience a rush of emotions.

While he enjoys his career, the road was not always smooth. Compared to others who had the luxury of chasing the same dream with the support of family, DJ Chris has to forge his own path. While others had a complete childhood, the rising DJ was forced to enter adulthood early, and at 14, he started working, watering flowers for a coffee shop. In two years, he was already living an adult life, balancing school with two jobs. “I didn’t have a normal upbringing,” said Chris.

Before becoming a DJ, Chris worked for a fast-food joint and a music store. With the latter, the would-be DJ started to grow interested in a professional career as an adult. Aware that something had to change, he started saving money to purchase his own music equipment and old records to start scratching. At school, Chris would pass up football practice to work. 

“My coach would yell, ‘Hey, Magic Man, where are you going?’” Chris recalled. “I responded, ‘Heading to work, coach.’”

The job would not be enough to help him get the resources he needed, so Chris enlisted in the army. However, his stint in the military would not last long, and Chris decided it was time to stop putting his dream on hold. After leaving, another problem arose—social anxiety held him back, and depression’s cold fingers started to wrap itself around the DJ.

“It ruined my ability to be in large crowds of people, which affected my music performance,” Chris explained. 

Although such a setback would have coerced most people into giving up on their dreams, the DJ realized that it was not something he could easily give up. Determined to realize his dream, Chris overcame his anxiety, drowning out his depression by creating music that could resonate with other people. Since 2018, DJ Chris has managed to create a colorful discography and a promising career.

With his career growing as the years keep coming, DJ Chris Angel hopes to be able to collaborate with the artists he’s always looked up to so he can continue empowering others and helping them realize that anything is possible.Learn more about DJ Chris Angel by following him on Instagram.


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