Multitalented Business Founder Sidney Kile Stands Out in Different Business Industries

When it comes to security services, very few do it as well as SK Security and founder Sidney Kile. The security and investigations company has created a reputation for making people feel safer and more secure. They have the experience in the industry to understand what it takes to create a perfectly safe and secure environment. SK security has quickly grown to become the most powerful privately owned security company in the Kansas City Metro area and continues to grow. SK Security in the past four years has taken over a considerable amount of the private security market here in Kansas City & is continuing to expand across the globe. 

SK Security currently only hires Level III commissioned officers, all of which are K-9 certified and possess police, military, or prior security experience. Level III officers are fully trained and equipped in mission-critical and combat-type situations. They have undergone extensive & vigorous amounts of security training. All SK Security uniformed security professionals went through a highly professional screening method, meticulously trained, and thoroughly evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure they meet client expectations. Additionally, all officers must pass drug testing, background checks and psych evaluations.

Sidney Kile is a twenty-three-year-old serial entrepreneur & business tycoon. His success is primarily from his most prominent company, SK Security. This year, Sid has been hard at work expanding his business ventures. Sid has also opened a full-service five-bay Automotive Mechanic shop called SK Automotive. This shop helps in servicing its security fleet of over 30 vehicles. In addition, SK Cuts, a full-service barbershop in the heart of downtown Kansas City is scheduled to open on 4/1/22. Sid Kile has over 100 employees and is dominating several industries collectively between all companies.


Sid had had several companies, most of which had failed by the time he was eighteen years old. At seventeen, Sid owned a limousine company, Lawn Care company, and taxi service. All of which met failure within twenty-four months of inception. Sid Kile then had an interest in joining law enforcement. However, mid-way through the hiring process with a local police department, he started his own security company. Fast forward four years, that company employs over 60 people and is the largest privately owned, personally funded security company in the Kansas City area.

Sid Kile & his companies, SK Security, SK Automotive, & SK Cuts, are all hit with a high-intensity drive to give drastically changing results to their customers, efficiently and quickly. SK Security brings the best equipment met with the most qualified employees to bring a customer service-oriented full-service patrol service and onsite security guards.

Sidney Kile & his companies have seen massive successes in the Kansas City market, as he takes every opportunity with a young, whatever it takes mentality. Sid Kile & his teams are continually making the impossible possible. With their current level, Sid is still looking forward to expanding his reach to anyone who might already be searching for information on him or one of his companies.

In 5 years, Sid Kile will have a vast portfolio of profitable business, being the “Rockefeller” of the Midwest. SK Security expects to have over 500 employees by 2024 and to have expanded to every major city in the Midwest.


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