Ming Tommy Tang: From Solo Learner To Mission Of Teaching 1M People Bioinformatics

Ming Tommy Tang
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Ming Tommy Tang has carved a niche for himself in bioinformatics, combining biology and computational science to tackle real-world scientific problems. 

He went from learning wet molecular cancer biology during his Ph.D to becoming a director of bioinformatics in a biotech startup (Immunitas) using his new-found skills to develop medicine for cancer patients. On top of that, Ming Tommy Tang has a mission to reach 1 million people and teach them bioinformatics.

Here’s Ming’s story.

Ming Tommy Tang
Photo Courtesy: Ming Tommy Tang

Initially, his shift from molecular cancer biology to computational biology was driven by a pragmatic need during his doctoral studies.

“I was trained in a wet molecular cancer biology lab during my Ph.D. and had no clue about data analysis,” Tang recalls. His foray into bioinformatics wasn’t planned but became essential when he found himself at a crossroads—learn the necessary computational skills or remain dependent on others. “Two motivations drive us: avoid the pain or gain joy. Initially, it was about avoiding pain, but soon, the joy of discovery took over,” he shares.

Tang’s career is marked by pivotal moments that shaped his trajectory. 

“In 2012, I made a significant decision to delve into computational biology, setting the stage for my future,” Tang reflects. 

This decision was followed by a role at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in 2020, where he realized the power of collaborative achievement. “Leading a team taught me that together, we could accomplish much more than I could alone,” he states. His transition to Immunitas as the director of computational biology in 2021 further solidified his resolve to make a meaningful impact on cancer research.

Of course, the initial steps on his bioinformatics journey were fraught with challenges. 

“I was the only one in my lab diving into this field, with no one to turn to for guidance,” Tang reveals. His persistence saw him through, as he embraced online courses and community forums to build his expertise. “The journey was steep, but my determination never wavered,” he asserts.

Beyond his research contributions, Tang is passionate about educating others. 

“I want to democratize bioinformatics education, making it accessible to more people,” he explains. This passion led him to author an eBook called “From Cell Line To Command Line” to help wet biologists learn computational biology. Ming Tommy Tang is also sharing his knowledge online, aiming to reach and educate a million people in the field.

Tang emphasizes the importance of foundational skills over complexity. 

“People often believe that more complex methods are superior. However, I’ve found that simplicity often leads to better results,” he notes. 

His approach underscores the effectiveness of basic data analysis skills, advocating for a strong foundation over advanced computational techniques.

Integrity, lifelong learning, and kindness are the core values that drive Tang. 

“These values shape my approach to work and life, guiding me to contribute positively to the world,” he states. 

His goal to teach bioinformatics to a million people is not just a number but a reflection of his commitment to sharing knowledge and empowering others.

With a significant following on social media and a clear vision, Tang is well on his way to achieving his ambitious educational goals. “It’s not just about reaching a milestone but about the impact we can make through shared knowledge and innovation,” he concludes.

Ming Tommy Tang’s narrative is more than a career journey; it’s a testament to the power of resilience, passion, and the profound impact one individual can have on a field as dynamic and vital as bioinformatics.

Not only is he using his skills to develop medicine for cancer patients, but he is also inspiring a new generation of scientists and researchers. Back then, he was the only person on his floor to learn bioinformatics and had no one to turn to.

Now, he’s set on his mission to reach 1M people and help them learn bioinformatics.



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