Mike Petruccelli and Ralph Vitiello, the Dynamic Duo of Finance and Banking, Are Taking Northpointe Bank to Greater Heights

Good leadership is the foundation of a successful company. Natural-born leaders thrive in any situation, whether it is favorable or not. It is a vital skill that breeds success and inspires people down the line. Mike Petruccelli and Ralph Vitiello have leadership skills in spades, allowing them to conquer the modern finance world, resulting in the success of any company they attach their name to.

Northpointe Bank is one great example of the dynamic duo’s incredible accomplishment, where Mike Petruccelli displays exceptional leadership as the Regional Vice President of Sales. He has been responsible for the execution of all of the company’s sales initiatives and is the driving force that has allowed it to exceed all its sales goals. 

Before he became Northpointe Bank’s Regional Vice President of Sales, Mike co-founded Maverick Funding Corp. in 2007 alongside Ralph Vitiello. Mike Petruccelli served as the company’s President, bringing along with him his breadth of expertise, allowing him to position Maverick Funding as the industry standard for lending. 

It comes as no surprise that he has translated his skill set and expertise into Northpointe Bank, allowing the company to grow and expand its influence within the Northeast region, where Ralph Vitiello serves as the Regional Vice President. Ralph’s role in the company is all about driving consistent growth within the Northeast region by leveraging initiatives to surpass sales goals. He has generated both long-term and short-term revenue expansion to allow the bank to serve its customers better.

As a co-founder of Maverick Funding, Ralph Vitiello developed operational tactics that guided the company towards profitability. Ralph’s reputation precedes him as he has garnered multiple accolades in his dominating performance in the finance industry. He was dubbed as the Businessman of the Year from the Italian American Federation in 2005. Two years later, he was appointed to Secretary Preston’s advisory board under the George Bush administration for the last 200 days of office to spearhead the recovery of the mortgage crisis of 2007 and 2008. 

Eventually, Mike and Ralph sold Maverick Funding to Home Point Financial. Homepointe would then transition to Northpointe with Ralph as an integral part of its change. Nowadays, Mike Petruccelli and Ralph Vitiello have both put their efforts into expanding the Northpointe team. They currently have teams in 11 branches throughout the Northeast region of the United States with various satellite locations, which they intend to grow further.

The renowned duo intends to grow their in-house team and add to their remote teams, allowing them to grow their consumer base and provide both transparent customer service and need-based products ranging from personal and business banking to home lending and insurance.

Northpointe Bank is a client-centric company that puts the needs of its clients first above all else. The company is known for embodying its company pledge: “I Care,” which stands for Innovate, Client-Focused, Act with integrity, Real Value Provided, Empowered. With their combined experience of over 30 years in the world of finance, they hope to continue to identify goal-based opportunities that will drive their teams to work tougher and deliver quality resources to their clients. 

Both leaders have been the essential pillars of Northpointe Bank and have taken the company to where it is today. They are highly respected members of the financing industry who will stop at nothing to provide high-quality services to their clients and empower their teams to deliver nothing but the best.To know more about Mike Petruccelli and Ralph Vitiello, connect with them on their respective LinkedIn accounts.


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