Founder Michelle Watkins Has Revolutionized Project Portfolio Management With Her Company – Global PMO Partners

Founder Michelle Watkins Has Revolutionized Project Portfolio Management With Her Company - Global PMO Partners

Since its inception in January 2021, project management optimization company Global PMO Partners has swiftly established itself as a leader in project portfolio management (PPM), driving transformation for businesses across diverse sectors. Founded by Michelle Watkins, a veteran with over 30 years in program and project management at large global companies, the firm began with a simple vision: to streamline and optimize project management processes using integrated, scalable, and automated tools.

Michelle’s journey began in the trenches of large global companies, where she identified a recurring issue: the need for an integrated project management solution. Her discovery of Smartsheet in 2010 marked a turning point. This platform provided a one-stop-shop for project data and management tools, enabling real-time collaboration and reducing administrative burdens for project managers. Over time, her expertise in deploying Smartsheet-based solutions caught the attention of major organizations, leading to key roles at Lifeway Christian Resources, Ultimate Software, and Salesforce. 

In 2019, Michelle began to see the potential for a ‘PMO-in-a-box’ service offering. Testing this vision in 2020 with another consulting firm, she realized the demand for optimized project management solutions was vast and varied. This realization paved the way for the founding of Global PMO Partners in early 2021.

Global PMO Partners’ success is underpinned by its team of 18 consultants, all of whom bring a wealth of experience as former project managers and PMO leaders. “We have established a really great team of consultants who are not just employees but partners in our success. They have a vested interest in delivering excellence, and their expertise is what sets us apart,” Michelle states. This dedication is evident in the high level of satisfaction and repeat engagements from clients. 

Michelle Watkins Has Revolutionized Project Portfolio Management With Her Company - Global PMO Partners
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This deep understanding of client needs, combined with extensive expertise in platforms like Smartsheet, Airtable, and Hive, allows the team to deliver customized, scalable solutions. As Michelle puts it, “Our sweet spot when we engage with our clients is that all of us have sat in our clients’ shoes before. We know what many of their pain points are and incorporate the solutions into our engagement outcomes.”

The focus at Global PMO Partners is on achieving excellence through tailored solutions that optimize clients’ project management tools, templates, processes, and delivery models. Their services are not just about implementing technology but about creating transparent, real-time, and collaborative environments that drive project success. This commitment is reflected in their partnerships with innovative platforms, enabling them to stay ahead of industry trends and continuously deliver value to their clients. 

Michelle’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through in her approach to business development and client engagement. The company actively participates in industry events, such as the PMI Global Summit, showcasing its capabilities and expanding its reach. Michelle’s recent entrepreneurial program experience has also refreshed their marketing efforts, ensuring they remain visible and relevant in a competitive market.

One key aspect of their service model is the emphasis on knowledge transfer and client empowerment. Global PMO Partners aims to set clients up for success, offering managed services options for those who need ongoing support but primarily focusing on delivering solutions that clients can own and manage independently. This approach has fostered long-term relationships and multiple service expansions with existing clients.

Reflecting on the journey, Michelle states, “I look back and it’s been a blur, but really rewarding.” This sentiment captures the essence of the company’s rapid growth and the impactful transformations they have enabled for its clients. As the company continues to innovate and adapt, the company remains committed to its core mission: to ignite business transformation through tailored project portfolio management solutions. 

Looking ahead, the company is poised for further expansion. Their diversification into platforms like Airtable and Hive has broadened its market reach. Additionally, a new venture into project management consulting services and staffing for contract project managers marks another exciting chapter in its growth. 

As the business landscape evolves, Global PMO Partners is poised to explore new horizons, driven by their unwavering commitment to excellence and their deep understanding of client needs, leading the way in project management optimization and PPM solutions.

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