Metalavie Celebrates Esteemed 2023 Global Recognition Award™

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New York, New York – July, 2023 – Metalavie, a pioneering firm in the metal installation industry, has been honored with the highly acclaimed 2023 Global Recognition Award. The award acknowledges Metalavie’s achievements, practices, and commitment to integrity and respect within the industry.

Alex Sterling, a spokesperson for Global Recognition Awards, has highlighted the primary factor influencing their choice was Metalavie’s financial growth. “Recording an annual revenue of over 1.98 million last year, Metalavie has shown consistent and remarkable growth,” Sterling comments. The company registered a 33% increase in its revenue, significantly attributed to its successful broadening operations in the expansive province of Quebec.

Moreover, the company’s dedication to equitable remuneration and the provision of optimal work conditions for its sales team and installers is a noteworthy trait that played a role in its receipt of the 2023 Global Recognition Award. “Through its humane employee treatment strategy, Metalavie has witnessed substantial growth in just three years,” adds Sterling. This commitment to employee welfare reflects a business ethos centered around respect, integrity, and fairness. Metalavie’s vision for a sustainable and successful business has resonated profoundly within the industry, and the investment in its people has translated into an engaged, loyal, and productive team that continually drives the company forward.

Metalavie’s innovative adoption of remote technologies, such as drones, has notably enhanced operational efficiency, demonstrating their admirable acumen in harnessing technology for business expansion. These cutting-edge technological integrations have allowed the firm to execute complex projects with precision and speed, setting new benchmarks in the industry. By employing drones for site inspections and aerial mapping, Metalavie has significantly reduced the time required for preliminary assessments, leading to quicker project initiation and completion.

This tech-savvy approach has not only streamlined their processes but also ensured a higher level of safety and compliance with industry standards. Moreover, Metalavie’s technological forefront has facilitated collaboration between various teams, fostering an environment that encourages continuous innovation and excellence. Through the integration of remote technologies, they have achieved a delicate balance of optimizing resources while upholding the quality and integrity of their work. 

The firm’s focus on technological advancement underscores a forward-thinking strategy, embodying the very essence of modern entrepreneurship that resonates with the evolving trends of the industry. In a competitive market landscape, Metalavie’s willingness to embrace innovation serves as a strategic advantage, positioning them as a leader in the metal installation sector, and further emphasizing why they stand as deserving recipients of the 2023 Global Recognition Award.

Metalavie is the sole distributor and installer of this superior product in the province of Quebec. The firm has been publicly recognized on TVA’s ‘Histoire de Succès’ and profiled in ‘La Maison Du Vingtieme Siècle magazine.

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