Meet Marina De Golle: The Creative Force Behind Exquisite Luxury Leather Accessories

Marina De Golle
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Marina De Golle, the founder and creative director of the eponymous brand, is a visionary businesswoman who has carved a niche in the world of luxury fashion. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating exquisite leather accessories, Marina has established herself as a prominent figure in the industry. From humble beginnings to international recognition, her journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication and pursuit of perfection.

Born in St. Petersburg in 1984, Marina embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by designing and sewing dresses based on her own sketches. Her relentless pursuit of quality led her to search for the finest clothing manufacturers, and in 2004, she found herself collaborating with leading Italian leather processing factories. It was during this time that Marina’s fascination with crocodile leather took root, inspiring her to create stunning shoes that captured the attention of her discerning clientele.

The Birth of Marina De Golle:

In 2008, Marina decided to focus solely on the design and development of elegant crocodile leather items, marking a pivotal moment in her career. Four years later, in 2012, she officially registered the Marina De Golle brand. Throughout the years, Marina has tirelessly honed the quality of her products, drawing upon her extensive experience working with Europe’s largest factories. Her unwavering commitment to perfection has made her an unrivaled expert in her field.

A Creative Visionary:

Inspired by modern architecture, art, and fashion, Marina collaborates with esteemed designers in Europe while working closely with leading manufacturers in Italy and France. Her brand reflects her personal ethos, with every item meticulously crafted to perfection. Marina’s attention to detail is unparalleled, and she personally oversees every aspect of production, ensuring that each stitch and piece of leather meets her exacting standards.

Marina De Golle, in articulating her vision, expresses the significance and challenges of presenting herself to a broad audience. She aims to strike a delicate balance between spontaneity and simplicity while avoiding getting carried away by her personal desires. Her approach involves embracing rationality while still preserving a touch of emotionality, reflecting her inherently emotional nature. 

Marina’s Perspective:

In Marina’s own words, “Since I was a child, I ‘felt’ that the path of fashion was the one I wanted to follow. Like a sponge, I searched for and absorbed all the beauty I felt and saw around me.” This lifelong pursuit of beauty is evident in every creation she brings to life. Marina believes that beauty lies in refinement, and her designs embody this belief.

The Essence of Marina De Golle: With multiple ateliers in Milan and Moscow, Marina De Golle has become synonymous with luxury and sophistication. While her brand has a global reach, the heart of its production remains in Italy, where Marina meticulously oversees every detail. Her hands-on approach and intimate knowledge of each piece of leather used in her bags are testaments to her unwavering commitment to quality.

Marina De Golle’s journey from a young entrepreneur with a passion for fashion to a respected and admired luxury brand owner is a testament to her talent, perseverance, and uncompromising pursuit of beauty. Her dedication to creating exquisite leather accessories has garnered international acclaim, and her meticulous attention to detail sets her apart in the industry. Marina’s personal touch and love for perfection continue to shape the future of the Marina De Golle brand, leaving a lasting impression on the world of luxury fashion. 


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