Meet Celebrity Journalist, Business Mogul, TV Host Darriel Roy

What separates a queen from mere subjects is the fact that queens wait for no one to get things done. Instead of waiting for the right moment or the right people to do the job, a true visionary would step up and do it herself, even if it means going outside of her comfort zone. Bearing the true qualities of a queen is celebrity journalist Darriel Roy. Working in the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, she saw a gap that needed to be filled. Thus, The Darriel Roy Show was born, a masterpiece that provides insights on how people can live the best life.

The Darriel Roy Show was created to showcase brands and the lifestyle everyone deserves to have. The show encourages audiences to live their best life, break through their glass ceilings, and start believing that anything is still possible despite the circumstances they are in. Darriel Roy saw the lack of inspirational content in mainstream media or even among influencers in the digital space. Hence, she took it upon herself to produce a high-level show that would transcend boundaries and speak to various audiences from all walks of life. 

In The Darriel Roy Show, the celebrity journalist interviews entrepreneurs and celebrities, the A-listers of society, to talk about their journeys and failures in hopes of giving value and motivation to her viewers. Darriel Roy wants to spread the message that the people who are currently labeled as the creme de la creme of society are people who have gone through so much in life, people who had to endure troubles, loneliness, depression, and other issues to get to where they are today. The Darriel Roy Show offers a raw insight into the lives of those who are always in the spotlight, showing the real, relatable people that they truly are behind the camera.

“Most shows focus on only highlight reels. I like to talk about what obstacles the person faced and how they got through it,” shared Darriel Roy.

Before pursuing a career as a host and celebrity journalist, Darriel Roy made a name for herself as a former Miss Universe Canada contender and Miss Ontario for the Miss Canada International pageant. As a media personality, she has worked with some of the biggest networks and platforms in the industry, including NBC, FOX, CBS, Rogers Television, MSN, Billboard, AOL, and TMZ Live. 

Throughout her career, Darriel Roy has interviewed prominent personalities. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, James Franco, Ryan Reynolds, Rachel McAdams, Snoop Dogg, Ed Sheeran, and Seth Rogen, to name a few. For her dedication to her craft, the celebrity host has received various awards and nominations. She was nominated as The People’s Choice Winner for Fashion & Style during The Waterfront Awards 2018, which celebrated the works and contributions of outstanding women like herself. Darriel Roy was also featured as a Young Professional by Notable.Seeing how hard Darriel Roy has worked to get to where she is today, there’s no doubt that The Darriel Roy Show will indeed continue to leave a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.


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