Maximize Your Channel Sales Team’s Results by Unleashing the Power of Direct Video Sales

Maximize Your Channel Sales Team's Results by Unleashing the Power of Direct Video Sales

By: Monica Stevens 

In today’s fast-paced digital age, businesses are continuously searching for innovative strategies to engage their customers and drive revenue. One area that presents both challenges and opportunities is channel sales. That’s where the expertise of Joe Wright, founder of VMC GLOBAL, becomes invaluable. With their fresh approach to channel enablement, VMC GLOBAL is revolutionizing the way companies equip channel partners to market products and services directly to end buyers.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joe to discuss how VMC is changing the game. “It’s all about streamlining the process,” he explains. “Our Video Marketing Center, or VMC, simplifies the curation, distribution, and consumption of video content. It’s a game-changer that improves speed to market, drives revenue, cuts costs, and enhances customer engagement.”

The power of video content in today’s business landscape is irrefutable. However, delivering this content efficiently through channel partners has often been a complex undertaking. The VMC platform cuts through the complexity by offering a seamless way to co-brand video-based campaigns. These campaigns can deliver unlimited videos with associated content in as little as three minutes—a striking speed that ensures your message stays current and relevant.

Joe continues with genuine enthusiasm, “Think of it: all your content can be distributed via links, QR codes, and WebCodes. And everything we send out is fully tracked.” This level of tracking is crucial for businesses that want to pinpoint exactly which channel partners are delivering results. It’s not only about sending out content; it’s about understanding how that content performs and how it contributes to the overall strategy.

The beauty of the VMC, and what really sets it apart, is its ability to keep potential customers within one content frame. “We’ve essentially eliminated the ‘click-through,'” Joe points out. “Buyers stay highly focused on your content, avoiding distractions like going down a ‘YouTube rabbit hole.'” This focused approach to content consumption means that engagement with your brand remains uninterrupted, leading to a higher potential for conversion.

While these features sound advanced, Joe is quick to reassure that ease of use is at the core of the VMC’s design. “Our tool is so easy even a sales rep can use it!” he says with a smile. This accessibility ensures that all channel partners, regardless of their technical expertise, can leverage the VMC to its full potential. 

Cost efficiency is another benefit that can’t be ignored. By maximizing Marketing Development Funds (MDF) and providing deep analytics across the entire selling network, VMC GLOBAL ensures that investments in marketing yield the highest returns possible. For businesses that operate through channel partners and distributors, such as those in the food, tech, and medical industries, this kind of efficiency is vital.

Founded in November of 2021 and based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, VMC GLOBAL developed the VMC platform to address sales communication issues within highly fragmented selling ecosystems. The company understands that we now live in a video culture that relies heavily on visual engagement. By equipping channel partners with the means to send product videos directly to end buyers, VMC increases customer reach and ensures a consistent message throughout the sales network.

Those wanting to learn more about Joe Wright and VMC GLOBAL can connect with him on LinkedIn ( or and discover how the VMC can maximize their channel sales teams’ results. As we wrapped up our conversation, it became clear that with the right tools and expertise, any company could transform their channel sales strategy to meet the demands of a marketplace that increasingly values immediacy, clarity, and engagement. With VMC GLOBAL’s innovative approach, the path to a successful channel sales ecosystem is just a few clicks away.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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