Mastering Public Relations: The Glazers Media Approach to Measurable ROI from Publicity

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In the ever-evolving world of Public Relations, calculating Return on Investment (ROI) can often be a complex affair. However, Vito Glazers, CEO of Glazers Media, a top American Public Relations and Reputation Management firm, presents six definitive ways to measure PR’s ROI. These metrics not only exemplify the importance of PR but also highlight the immense value that Glazers Media brings to its clients.

Understanding the immense power of positioning, Glazers Media assists its clients in becoming the top celebrity in their respective fields, leading to a proven 33% reduction in client acquisition costs. This strategic positioning boosts lead quality and significantly reduces the costs associated with acquiring new clients.

Equally as important is the profound influence of digital media on consumers’ purchasing decisions. It’s no secret that 63% of consumers consider search results while making a purchase. By helping clients dominate Google through targeted digital media placements, Glazers Media ensures that its clients are in a prime position to engage and convert potential leads.  This makes consumers more likely to make a small purchase on a website or feel confident making a larger commitment over the phone, like securing a mortgage or making decisions about their financial accounts. 

Protecting your reputation is equally as vital. A single negative review on Google can impact a business by as much as 30%. Through Glazers Media’s proactive reputation management strategies, they construct a robust reputation wall to shield your brand, safeguarding 100% of your online reputation.  Glazers says the Number 1 mistake brands make is waiting until they have a reputation problem to address reputation management.  With people the way they are online, when a brand is advertising to millions of people, it is a guarantee that some of those people will write negative or false things about the brand.  If a brand waits until it is already happening to address these negative voices, it can be much more expensive and harder to fix than it is for brands that take a proactive approach in establishing a positive reputation.

The pace at which a brand grows is also a significant ROI indicator. Brands utilizing public relations and influencer marketing have been shown to grow 8-10 times faster than those relying solely on paid social media ads. Glazers Media leverages these strategies to rapidly build trusted brands, accelerating growth by as much as 900%.

Approaching gatekeepers and decision-makers requires a positive online reputation. Such individuals are twice as likely to respond favorably to entities with established online credibility. By enhancing a brand’s online reputation, Glazers Media opens 200% more doors for its clients.

Finally, the ability to attract influencers and investors is crucial. Even when press is paid, reputable individuals, including influencers and investors, tend to have more confidence in brands that invest in their public image, seeing them as more stable and less likely to disappear abruptly.

Having mastered these six measures of PR ROI, Glazers Media helps brands and influencers tell their stories through various media forms such as news, television, and films. Specializing in celebrity collaborations and brand activations, Glazers Media has become a valued partner to some of the world’s most prominent brands and celebrities. The results speak for themselves, truly embodying Glazers Media’s unique approach to measurable PR ROI.

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