Master Social Media: Learn from Marketers

Master Social Media Learn from Marketers
Photo Courtesy: Kelly Evans and Courtney Hurley

In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, mastering the intricacies of social media and content creation is essential for businesses seeking to have their brand stories heard. However, with every single business in the industry pushing to do the same, how do you stand out on social media and use it to increase conversions and gains? This is what Courtney Hurley and Kelly Evans, co-founders of renowned marketing consultancy Screws + Stilettos, seek to bring clarity on for businesses searching to take ownership of their content strategy. 

With a combined 30+ years of experience in the ever-evolving marketing industry, the co-founding sisters have mastered the art and science of digital marketing strategy that merges analytical rigor with creative flair. Courtney’s educational background in marketing from Bentley University equipped her with a robust foundation in SEO, SEM, and analytics, while her adaptability as a marketer shines through her ability to evolve marketing strategies for her clients dynamically. 

Kelly’s entrepreneurial journey adds an additional layer of practical expertise to their duo. Having scaled her own business from the ground up to an impressive $5 million through strategic digital initiatives, she understands firsthand the challenges small to medium enterprises face and the importance of a targeted content strategy in overcoming these hurdles.

In response to frustrations voiced by clients who felt underserved by traditional marketing agencies and overwhelmed by the complexities of creating effective digital content strategies on their own, Courtney and Kelly were inspired to create the “Market Like a CMO” course. This program was meticulously designed for business leaders looking to regain control of their business’ digital marketing efforts with over 100 in-depth modules including lessons on creating effective social media content mixes based on proven best practices.

Cultivating a Strategic Content Mix

The content philosophy endorsed by Courtney and Kelly hinges on the integration of various types of content to maintain a healthy content mix. They emphasize a content strategy that prioritizes the importance of content that builds know, likability, and trust (KLT), which includes everything from behind-the-scenes glimpses to motivational quotes that resonate with their audience.

As a business seeking to build relationships with its customers through social media, Courtney and Kelly underline the importance of creating content that highlights the high quality of their services or products, showcases their approachability and likability, and establishes their trustworthiness. This strategy is essential because, despite the common tendency to separate professional from personal, building any relationship—even with a customer—is inherently a personal interaction. Effective social media content that achieves these objectives helps humanize a brand, making it more relatable to consumers while also retaining customer loyalty.

Promotional content, while more direct, needs to be tactfully balanced with posts that build KLT to avoid overwhelming the audience with sales pitches. Instead, promotions and offers should be interwoven with engaging, useful content, creating a holistic content ecosystem that nurtures leads and guides prospects through their buyer’s journey.

Together at Screws + Stilettos, Courtney Hurley and Kelly Evans emphasize the critical importance of building know, like, and trust (KLT) with audiences through a strategic social media content mix. This approach underpins their “Market Like a CMO” course, which is designed to help businesses enhance their digital presence by creating meaningful customer relationships that drive conversions and increase gains for the long term. 

Courtney and Kelly equip businesses with the tools to develop and implement a content strategy that fosters trust and relatability with their target audience. By focusing on KLT (know, like, and trust) within their content strategies, businesses are better positioned to build lasting customer relationships that lead to sustained gains. Engaging with Courtney and Kelly’s expertise through both their course and marketing consultancy services provides businesses with a robust framework for navigating the complexities of digital marketing, enhancing their social media presence, and regaining ownership of their digital marketing strategy.


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