Marvin Tiebout’s Inspirational Journey From Salesman to Founder of AI-Powered Recipe App Snap2Cook

Marvin Tiebout’s Inspirational Journey From Salesman to Founder of AI-Powered Recipe App Snap2Cook
Photo Courtesy: Marvin Tiebout

Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and achieving your dreams is a leap of faith. That’s exactly what propelled Marvin Tiebout to become a successful app founder and entrepreneur—a leap of faith and a steadfast belief in his dreams. 

Where It All Began

Marvin’s career in sales began in the UK, where he quickly excelled at Phones4u in Cheltenham. Despite working in a smaller town, his sales savvy catapulted him to the top 25 salespeople in the company nationwide. “Even though I was in a small town with a small shop, I was still outselling people in the larger city shops,” he says. “Within two years, I was asked to go to other stores within my area to help turn them around.” His success wasn’t just about pushing products but about building trust and rapport with customers, a skill that set him apart and fueled his achievements. 

In search of better opportunities for his growing family, Marvin decided to move to Australia in 2012. Leaving behind the familiarity of the UK, he arrived in Perth with his wife and two young sons, facing uncertainties but fueled by determination. “We arrived in Perth in the middle of a heatwave with two toddlers, some backpacks, and no home. But we had a determination to make it work,” Marvin remembers. 

In Perth, Marvin’s sales experience landed him a job with ADT Security, where he continued to excel. However, as the company underwent changes that clashed with his values of customer service, he sought a new direction. Amidst personal challenges, including his son’s diagnosis of ADHD and autism, Marvin realized the need for a career that offered flexibility and stability.

Marvin Tiebout’s Inspirational Journey From Salesman to Founder of AI-Powered Recipe App Snap2Cook
Photo Courtesy: Marvin Tiebout

The Innovation of Snap2Cook

In 2016, Marvin pivoted to entrepreneurship, starting a window-cleaning business to accommodate his family’s needs. However, his entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there. Inspired by a need he experienced firsthand, Marvin conceived Snap2Cook, an innovative app aimed at simplifying meal planning and cooking.

Snap2Cook allows users to snap a picture of any fresh food item, providing recipes and nutritional information tailored to individual dietary preferences. The app not only streamlines meal preparation but also promotes community among culinary enthusiasts, with plans to incorporate features for chefs and food festivals. “I’ve gotten a few chefs on board already,” Marvin says. “Chefs can use the app as a directory to share recipes and build a network.”

Marvin credits his wife’s support as the driving force behind his success. “I have lots of ideas,” he says. “When she heard my idea for Snap2Cook, she told me to go for it.” Guided by three principles—self-reflection, empathy, and openness to opportunities—Marvin is determined to provide a better future for his children and pursue his dreams. “I want to leave my mark on the world and put my boys in a position that I didn’t have,” he says. “I’ve scrapped and fought to get where I am today.” 

The Next Chapter

As Marvin continues to build his empire, his story is an inspiration and testament to the power of perseverance and self-belief. He’s not only leaving his mark—he’s paving the way for future innovators and encouraging dreamers to pursue their passions. 

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