Marvin Suttles on Helping Artists and Ventures Hog the Spotlight Through Suttleshots Visual Productio

Marvin Suttles on Helping Artists and Ventures Hog the Spotlight Through Suttleshots Visual Productio
Photo Credit: Marvin Suttles

By Lennard James  

The rise of short-form video platforms like TikTok and the prominence of social media platforms that promote the consumption of easily digestible material have primed people away from fully fleshed-out storylines and toward snippets. These days, 30 seconds of disposable entertainment piques people’s interest more than anything else – a reality that has pushed creators and businesses to shift away from traditional methods of showcasing what they can bring to the table. While Marvin Suttles believes that this taste for quick swallows of content is here to stay, he hopes that the future will witness a resurgence of strong storylines and attention to detail. By launching Suttleshots Visual Productions, he plans to contribute to the materialization of that future.  

A hip-hop music video producer at the helm of a promising company, Marvin Suttles has always been drawn to music and entertainment. Growing up during the era of big-budget music videos and being intimately privy to the hype of the 80s’ MTV movement deepened an already strong passion for all things music and visuals. “I would always walk around with a camcorder of some sort,” he recalled. “I didn’t know what it was all about. I just knew that there were things in life that deserved a second look.” 

It did not come as a surprise that Marvin ended up dipping his toes in the entertainment and music industries. After securing a position as a street team member at one of Memphis’ largest radio stations, he saw the appeal of helping artists introduce themselves to the public. “I began to notice that no matter how good of a product or service someone has, it all ultimately gets lost in the shuffle,” he said.  

Armed with the mission of propelling people toward the limelight, Marvin then established Suttleshots, a Memphis-based venture that mainly services the needs of music artists, actors, and small businesses. This brainchild of his takes on a more traditional approach to videography and multimedia, going against the grain and standing out in today’s world of short, meaningless clips and expedites of “Who’s the Next Viral Video Sensation.” 

Since its launch, Suttleshots Visual Productions, LLC has enlightened Memphis’ music scene to a more diverse wave of artists. It has catered not only to hip-hop artists but has also helped those dabbling in other genres to capture the attention of their target audiences. At the heart of its operations is the desire to lead the way in showcasing the talents of every artist ready to take it to the next level.  

From the get-go, Suttleshots has managed to distinguish itself from a long list of visual production companies by zeroing in on what others have ignored: the power of stories and how compelling they are when shown through the right lens. In giving its clients a spotlight, it places a heavy premium on bringing their visions to the fore through narrative-driven content and top-notch productions. 

In the years to come, Marvin Suttles hopes to see Suttleshots reach great heights and emerge as one of Memphis’ premier production houses. Additionally, the go-getter aims to expand his reach to other states and make a more considerable mark in the industry.  

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