Mark Steven Fisher on Helping Underrepresented Communities Achieve Dreams of Homeownership

Mark Steven Fisher on Helping Underrepresented Communities Achieve Dreams of Homeownership
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Buying and owning a home is a dream for many Americans. Unfortunately, this dream has become harder to achieve as we’ve moved forward as a society. There’s been a lot of press trying to pin the housing crisis on newer generations when, in reality, housing prices have far exceeded average wages by hundreds of thousands of dollars, and external economic factors continue to highlight this disparity. This is made even more evident for the underserved and underrepresented communities throughout the nation who have been heavily impacted by these economic changes.

Mark Steven Fisher has been working over ten years as a mortgage loan originator, working closely with over 2,000 families in these communities to help them not only get closer to homeownership but also achieve their dreams. Through this, he has achieved over $1 Billion in closed loan volume. He accomplished this by offering residential mortgage financing, including qualified and non-qualified loan programs, for individuals who have a stable income and good credit but don’t qualify through traditional tax returns and W2s. This can be crucial for workers with unconventional working circumstances.

Fisher, an alumnus of Fordham University Gabelli School of Business, accredits his success to three key things: relationships, communication, and honesty. He believes that it is important to maintain open, strong, and transparent dialogue with realtors, attorneys, and borrowers throughout the transaction process to keep things moving smoothly.

“This is where many originators go wrong,” Fisher states, “by overpromising and underdelivering. My philosophy is quite the opposite: always under promise and over deliver. By setting realistic expectations, you can always make sure you meet or exceed them. By having strong channels of communication, you can keep all parties happy, optimistic, and well-informed.”

Fisher states that he has closed many difficult transactions in the past, but despite this, there were times when he has had to walk away from a deal. He believes that, by saying no from the outset when faced with dubious transactions or with ones that “aren’t doable”, he can save everyone both time and stress.

Throughout his career, Fisher has been accredited in several publications. Scotsman Guide Magazine recognized him as one of the top 75 loan originators in the country; he joined Mortgage Professional America’s Young Guns list in 2014 as one of the stars in the mortgage industry. When he joined this list, Fisher had accumulated $20.5M in total loan volume. He was also listed in National Mortgage Professional Magazine’s “40 Under Forty”.

He was recently invited on News 12 in the 5 Boroughs and Westchester to speak as an expert on the housing market. UNMB Home Loans Inc. and Fisher recently launched a new product that allows people to obtain a second mortgage on investment properties. This is meant to be a tool to help clients leverage the equity on their property without losing the interest rate on their first mortgage.

Fisher will be hosting a virtual home buyer seminar in August 2023 to teach prospective homeowners about the current buyer’s market, debunk common misconceptions, teach them about what they need to get a mortgage, and more.

About Mark Steven Fisher

Over the past ten years Mark has helped over 2000 families achieve their goal of homeownership, totaling over $1,000,000,000 in closed loan volume. A Fordham University Gabelli School of Business Alumni, Mark accredits his success to three key things; Relationships, Communication and Honesty. He believes that it is extremely important to communicate with realtors, attorneys and borrowers before and during a transaction to keep things moving smoothly. Mortgage services available in English and Spanish.

He can be found online UNMB Home Loans Inc. or contacted at


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