Manifest The Life You Want ;  Coach KB Hunt Guides You Through Your Unique Journey

With Ready to Live Coaching Academy, KB Hunt has opened the door to success in an all-Inclusive program which recognizes the needs of those who want to transform their lives. Ceal Hoskie Hunt (and known by her clients as Coach KB) recognizes that the world can put a lot of hurdles in your journey. According to Coach KB, the secret to success in the face of adversity can be achieved through positively visualizing yourself and working hard.  

At the time of her birth, Ceal Hoskie Hunt was met with her first challenge. Born at the US Army Hospital Nurnberg, she was the only black new-born among a predominantly German Hospital. As a premature baby who needed more medical assistance than normal, she was deprived of her mother’s arms. Hunt’s mother was not allowed by the authorities to spend time with her newborn while the German mothers were facing no such restriction. Although she was too young to register this act of disparity and racism, KB would later face a number of hurdles which helped shape her ideology.

As Coach KB grew increasingly aware of the acts of injustice taking place in the world, she became a fiercely passionate advocate for equality. As a black woman in the corporate world, she became well-versed with the prejudices present in the corporate realm. Similarly, as a divorced mother who also had to survive multiple medical emergencies, she quickly learnt to  keep a brave face in the face of adversities. 

Her passion to help others, especially those who struggled to blend in, was hence a personal and deeply-rooted one. Growing up in Atlanta, she spent her time advocating for human rights alongside her family. Coach KB is an innately compassionate person who strives for change. This passion has paved the way for her to become a dedicated mindset Coach. 

Coach KB Hunt is a strong believer in manifestation, a practice she incorporates into her business model. Her manifestation techniques strongly rely on the power of gratitude. Her most promoted tactic is the ‘Gratitude Wheel’: The freedom seekers (clients) have to take some time to visualize what they’re thankful for, and then Hunt helps them to build a wheel of gratitude according to their responses. She then asks them to identify and explore their emotions in response to these blessings and write them down. The clients are encouraged to be mindful of what they’re thankful for everyday to keep their frequency and vibration for these desires high.

Hunt’s core philosophy is that ‘Growth starts with you’. She advises her clients to “let go of fear, love yourself, and have the fight to make yourself a believer and manifest the life you want.” Her coaching technique revolves around the concept of thoughts controlling our inner and outer reality. After sorting out the complexities of their inner beliefs, freedom seekers are ready to attract their desires and transform their outer reality.

When it comes to manifesting, there is no-one-size fits all methodology. For this reason, KB uses several different techniques: Kb’s Comfort Technique  (her own version of the pillow method), Soundwave Therapy and 55×5 are a few examples. KB’s personal favorite is the 55x 5 technique, where one has to write their desires 55 times in one sitting and repeat that for 5 days in a row. Through these techniques, simple exercises like journaling, affirmations and using the law of attraction can bring big changes in your life.

To learn more about Coach KB’s techniques and how you can transform your life the KB Hunt way, visit her website.


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