Making Money on Social Media Made Easy with Monytize

Over the past decade, social media has become a mainstay and the primary mode of communication for many people. It has also been the number one source of news, information, and entertainment. While many people have leveraged their social media platforms into building their brands, many others have only been consumers with nearly nothing to show for it other than the information overload they are regularly subjected to. Being the person who always finds ways for people to benefit from unconventional things, Terrell Samuels created This new platform will serve as a social media platform and a money-making platform for both creators and consumers.

Terrell Samuels’ goal is to reduce the time wastage that comes with surfing social media and give everyone a chance to turn all that time-wasting into something productive. With, individuals can connect with their friends, share photos and videos like any other social media platform, and earn money while they’re at it. “ pays people to be social. We want our users to not only have fun but also smile at the bank at the same time,” Terrell says. Monytize is free to join, and every user needs to be invited by existing users to use the platform. Describing how the platform works, Terrell says, “If a user invites another person, such a user begins to build a network and starts earning from every signup.”

Beyond being a social media platform, Monytize is also designed to be a streaming platform where content creators can upload content like music, movies, games, and other online content. When users interact with these content materials on Monytize, the creator gets to earn some revenue. The potentials of earning more increases when such content creators invite their followers with their links. After giving content creators and users a way to earn money online, a percentage of every dollar that Monytize makes will be donated to charities, underprivileged communities, churches, and other causes worldwide that need help. The beauty of this platform is that local churches or charity organizations can sign up for the sole reason of raising funds by inviting their congregation or members to use the platform so every party can get paid.

Monytize is redefining the flow of money in the entertainment industry by giving every party a way to earn their share. The pandemic has done more than necessary damage to the world and many people’s finances. The enthusiasm toward money-making schemes is high, and Terrell Samuels is tapping into that by building an iconic platform that can help everybody. “The idea is lofty in itself, and at the point of executing it, I kept wondering why no one has put something like this in place already,” Terrell says.

The idea of Monytize sounds like a dream too good to be true, but it is indeed a reality. No one has to laze around surfing through social media. It gives people the opportunity to stay connected with their friends and family, entertain themselves, play a part in donating to charitable causes, and earn money. Monytize aims to assign all its users a Visa debit card, where all their earnings will be routed to use the card whenever they want.

The Monytize app is currently in development and is expected to be ready for download by May/June 2021 on Apple and Android devices.

Learn more about Monytize on the official website.


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