MAD LABS Cannabis Giant Mad Remedies Is Making A Wave In The CBD Market

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the United States today. As a new industry there are an abundance of companies pushing products to market, but not all of these companies prioritize safe processes and clean products. Mad Remedies is an industry leader that is known for their quality and potency with the D9 cannabis products they produce. While Mad Remedies has been very successful with their D9 products, customers have been calling for CBD and D8 products too. Mad Remedies is excited to announce their new lineup of hemp derived D8 and CBD products. The company is also looking forward to extending their reach by making products conveniently available in gas stations, liquor stores, and smoke shops.

What To Expect?

As a company driven by innovation, Mad Remedies is always looking for new ways to connect with the community and release new products that consumers want. Demand for CBD and D8 products has been rapidly increasing in recent months, and Mad Remedies is here to answer the call. New CBD products will include live resin and cartridges. Terpenes in the live resin are derived from all natural plant matter and the live resin is not made with unhealthy solvents. Their new hemp derived D8 line will consist of cartridges, disposable vapes, and edible gummies. These new cartridges and disposables are created using cutting edge ceramic heating elements and high quality pesticide free oil to ensure a smooth and safe vaping experience. Mad Remedies will offer a variety of flavors too, with 12-15 flavors available for disposables and over 20 flavors of cartridges. The hemp derived D8 edible gummies will also be made with the same high quality ingredients and be available in 5 flavors. In addition to Mad Remedies upcoming D8 line, they are excited to announce two new exclusive blends that are legal across the country. The flower blends will come in mixtures of D8 and CBN, along with a mixture of D8 with THC-O. Mad Remedies created these new products with the vision of producing enough high quality product lines with varying benefits to meet the needs of every consumer.

Trustworthy Products

Mad Remedies is one of the most reputable companies in the cannabis industry and they take extensive steps to provide tested products customers can trust. As a way to keep consumers safe, Mad Remedies implemented scratch off verification on every product they make that contains two QR codes. The first QR code brings the customer

to the certificate of analysis of the respective product, and the second one takes them to the company’s Instagram where all third party lab test results are posted. QR verification is just one of the many strides Mad Remedies is taking to set a new standard of safety in the market. Mad Remedies isn’t just known for their safe products though, they are also renowned for their cutting edge technology and potent high quality products. Many competitors operate with shady or unsafe practices, but Mad Remedies is dedicated to changing the code and expectations of the entire industry.

Future Plans

In addition to their new CBD and hemp derived D8 lines, Mad Remedies intends to continue pushing out cutting edge THC products and developing new ways to please the cannabis community. Products such as live resin, crumble wax concentrates, flower, and edibles are hitting the market soon and the company is excited to release them. Mad Remedies is currently working hard to get licensed in other states so they can reach more people with their products. Mad Remedies doesn’t just care about making new products and collecting profit though. They are constantly using new technology like augmented reality to connect with the community. With augmented reality, customers can go online and see products as if they were there in the real world. More and more consumers will start realizing that their money is best spent with companies like Mad Remedies that are operated by licensed professionals rather than smaller operations that don’t put the same resources towards maximizing the user’s experience. As the cannabis industry evolves it is clear that Mad Remedies will remain a leader who sets an example for other companies and customers.

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