Luca Schnetzler’s “LPT Holdings” Boosts Culturally-Driven Startups Nationwide

Every aspiring and struggling entrepreneur knows that starting a business is not easy. From researching to brainstorming until the actual launch, succeeding in the industry is no walk in the park. 

Determined to ease the process and extend a guiding hand to his fellow game-changers, Luca Schnetzler founded the lauded “LPT Holdings.”

The idea for the ingenious holdings company took shape when Luca made his first step into the business. As a young entrepreneur looking to raise capital for his startup, Luca Schnetzler discovered that many venture capitalists were not interested in investing in Generation Z-centric businesses.

Driven to remedy the situation, the budding entrepreneur got to work. “Once capital became available, I started LPT, which focused solely on investing in ‘Cool’ companies that kids are inspired by.”

Established in 2018, LPT Holdings is determined to assist young entrepreneurs who have crafted ventures with a substantial impact on society. By buying into culturally-driven startups and providing capital and assistance, the holdings company has grown to be one of the top companies in its field. 

To further this mission, Luca Schnetzler has equipped his company with a dynamic board featuring young and successful entrepreneurs as committed the founder himself to LPT Holdings’ undertaking.

Investing their brilliance and successful experience in the market, the board members focus on startups founded on groundbreaking, cutting-edge ideas. They help aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs find their footing in the industry relevant to their launched startup venture.

With the oldest of these ingenious minds only at 35 years old, Luca Schnetzler and LPT Holding’s board introduces a fresh and innovative manner of achieving success in business suitable for today’s time. The holdings company’s unique and steady approach has built countless ventures into relevance.

Expounding on his company’s influence, Luca shares, “LPT Holdings focuses on investing into culturally-driven startups utilizing board members’ expertise in Social, Online Growth, E-Commerce, and celebrity connections to have an impact in each designated niche.”

Setting itself apart from other holdings companies, LPT Holdings was designed to focus on businesses that influence Generation Z and millennials. Employing the hard-earned techniques and carefully crafted strategies that have ensured their successes, the company’s board members get involved and grow “cool” companies that otherwise would have a harder time breaking through the water. 

Being the guiding light at the end of the tunnel, Luca Schnetzler’s LPT Holdings continues to dedicate its efforts to grow and scale startups into powerhouses in their respective industries. Fulfilling this mission since 2018, the holdings company has become a recurring character in numerous success stories.

Half a decade from now, they hope to grow their influence. LPT Holdings plans to expand its current equity holdings in eight businesses to 50 outstanding ventures—backing creative, game-changing ideas that will take the world for a better spin.

Follow Luca Schnetzler as he catapults startup businesses into success. Reach out to the inspiring entrepreneur and LPT Holdings, and stay updated on their future ventures on the holdings company’s official website


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