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Listov Boris
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Since June 2018, Boris Listov has been at the helm of Rosselkhozbank, having previously held the position of First Deputy Chairman in the same credit institution. With more than two decades of experience in the financial industry, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role.


After completing school, he enrolled in a university, specializing in “Accounting and Audit.” He obtained his diploma from FINTEK (now part of Saint Petersburg State Economic University) in 1995. Later, he also obtained a legal education based on one of Russia’s leading specialized higher educational institutions, Kutafin Moscow State Law University. In 2006, Listov Boris defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of economics. His research focused on organizational development management in enterprises.


Boris Listov entered the financial sector in the early 1990s. He worked at CJSC “Saint Petersburg Currency Exchange” and AO “Bank “Saint Petersburg”. Boris Pavlovich Listov held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board at PJSC “BALTONEXIM Bank”. From 1999 to 2002, he served as Deputy Chairman of the Board at “TransCreditBank”. For the next two years, he worked as Managing Director at “Finaltis”.

Boris Listov secured a position as a representative in the Federation Council in 2007. Within the “Chamber of Regions,” Listov Boris advocated for the legislators of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, one of the Far Eastern regions of the Russian Federation. During his tenure in the upper house of the Russian parliament, Boris Listov actively participated in multiple committees and commissions, which encompassed the following areas:

  • Committee on Local Self-Government: This committee was responsible for empowering local administrations with specific powers, their interaction with regional and federal authorities, the development of civil society, and the improvement of municipal service, among other things.
  • Committee on Financial Markets and Monetary Circulation: The committee dealt with legislative issues related to the activities of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and other Russian banks, the functioning of the payment and settlement system, currency regulation, financial monitoring, and more.
  • Commission on Youth Affairs and Sports (since November 2008, on physical culture, sports, and the development of the Olympic movement): The commission focused on creating the necessary material and technical base for physical education and sports, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and ensuring social support for young citizens.

In 2009, Listov Boris Pavlovich left his senatorial responsibilities and joined Rosselkhozbank.

Activity in Rosselkhozbank
Boris Listov was appointed as the Chairman of the Board at Rosselkhozbank in 2018. Under his leadership, strategic areas of work such as financing seasonal field operations in the agro-industrial complex, the activities of the credit committee, and the risk management committee were within his purview.

In 2018, Boris Listov assumed the role of Chairman of the Board at Rosselkhozbank. Currently, he focuses on strategic initiatives that aim to provide extensive support to the agricultural industry, small and medium-sized businesses, and enhance customer services. Under his guidance, the “More Than a Bank” concept was devised and is already being implemented. This concept entails the expansion of non-financial services, the implementation of measures to bolster small and medium-sized agribusinesses, and the establishment of a favorable environment for both rural and urban communities.

The bank continues to increase financing volumes for the agro-industrial complex. In 2022, it became the first Russian financial institution to provide preferential-rate loans at 10% per annum for operational activities to systemically important enterprises in the agro-industrial complex. The bank is also increasing financing for farm enterprises: in 2021, it granted 102 billion rubles in loans to farm enterprises, which is a 40% increase compared to 2020. Moreover, driven by the vision of Rosselkhozbank’s Chairman of the Board, the institution is currently undergoing a significant digital transformation that impacts not just the bank but the entire industry. In less than two years, Boris Listov has successfully established a holistic ecosystem for the agro-industrial complex, bringing numerous benefits to millions of individuals.

Also known as:
Boris Pavlovich Listov
Listov Boris Pavlovich


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