Leslie Girsky Teams Up with Arthur Guzman to Land Senior Executive Role at Lesro Industries

In the labor pool today, many people are looking for employment opportunities and the chance to make that career switch; in the same vein, a host of companies are looking to employ people whose career trajectory speaks about their expertise. The third part of this process is the career coaches, whose primary goal is to position every job seeker as a quality addition for their potential employers. Arthur Gluzman is respected across the board as a Career and Professional Brand Advisor of global reputation because some of the professionals who have come through him have become global authorities across industries and roles themselves. The latest to team up with Guzman to angle for an executive position is Leslie J. Girsky. 

Leslie holds an MBA in Logistics, Operations, and Materials Management from George Washington University. In Leslie Girsky, we are looking at a storied career that has seen him gain three decades of experience in sales and marketing management in the technology distribution and manufacturing industries. He began his professional career at Jaco Electronics, a broad line franchised electronic component distributor. He worked his way up from the product manager position through regional sales manager up to Vice President of Sales and Marketing responsible for business development, marketing, and sales. 

After leaving Jaco, Leslie took on another role at Flextronics International. As the Director of Global Accounts Management at Flextronics, he took charge and managed every aspect of the customer relationship and oversaw manufacturing operations for each account. At Flextronics, he was directly responsible for over $50M in annual sales revenue; he also administered all facets of P&L and managed sketch-to-scale product development processes from idea through production across teams in five countries. 

Leslie’s wealth of experience would see him serve as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, North America for Chinese-based LCD manufacturer DLC Display Company, Ltd. He employed authorization and control over everything related to the expansion of the medium-sized LCD manufacturer into the North American marketplace. After his stint with DLC, Leslie moved to Lesro Industries, where he has continued to make his mark. 

Founded in 1973 with the mission to bring affordable quality and exceptional flexibility to the reception seating market, with unlimited options for upholstery. Lesro Industries has remained a family-owned and operated business from the onset. Operating out of the company’s headquarters and factory in Bloomfield, CT, while relying on components and materials produced by the company or sourced globally. 

Leslie’s commitment to Lesro has been described as inspiring to watch. As characterized in his stints with every company he has worked for, he is all about putting his employers on the map and satisfying the details and expectations of his contract. Now in an executive position, he hopes to in five years increase Lesro’s annual revenue to the tune of at least 50% from the current baseline, as well as expanding into new customer markets.

Leslie and Lesro appear to be a match made in heaven. At the same time, Leslie appreciates the career path which has seen him occupy executive positions everywhere he has worked. Teaming up with a career expert helped single him out from a long list of other professionals.


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