Lenny Nostra – Entrepreneurship, Making Money And Giving Back To Society

Lenny Nostra
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Lenny Nostra A.K.A Leonard G Denis was a born artist. Drawing and music, the art attracted Lenny from a very young age. Always creating something presented a unique advantage for Lenny. At a young age, when others were figuring out life, Lenny started to learn to create things that had demand and make a profit from it. Google was the best place to learn. From self-publishing books to embarking on the entrepreneurship journey, Lenny learned everything on Google.

Lenny never went to a fancy school or got a degree, as he turned to Google to learn everything that fascinated him for free. With a curious mind and an interest in knowledge, it did not take long for Lenny to start learning the tricks and turn his knowledge of art into profit.

Being curious and having an agile mind helped Lenny to dabble in multiple fields and succeed very early in his life. He would learn on Google and turn dreams into reality. Being multi-talented also went a long way in shaping Lenny’s goals and aspirations in life. From owning his television station to founding a new publishing company, Lenny has dabbled into everything.

Lenny Nostra
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Being an International best-selling author of the book My Thoughts and a well-respected leader of his community, Lenny Nostra Denis has achieved a lot continuing to inspire many to do something big in life. Lenny also believes in uplifting his community and providing youth opportunities to turn their lives around. Lenny opened a non-profit foundation in Philadelphia for the youth with their talent. He thought of giving back to society.
Being from a struggling background, Lenny has never let life get out of his hands. He always believed in the power of his hard work and knew he could change his life. No matter what opportunities you have and how much you have sacrificed, it is never too late to take back control of your life and achieve something. It is the thought that solely drives and fuels the passion of Lenny Nostra Denis.

Being from the black community never became a boundary for Lenny, as he always believed in coming out of fear and taking more chances to change the narrative. Entrepreneurship was the best thing that Lenny ventured into, making him turn back and do something for his community. Now he not only commands respect but inspires many youths to reach their goals in life and uplift society.

Lenny Nostra
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Lenny Nostra Denis hopes to do more, achieve more, and help as many youths as possible from his community to do well. Having the opportunity counts the things that he did not get when he was young Lenny believes to become a mentor for the youth in his community so that they can thrive in society and contribute more.
Lenny’s New Beginning Foundation has become a beacon of hope for the community and the youth. It is doing a great thing. Lenny Nostra Denis continues to work on his passion, venture into different, new business ideas, and help his community succeed.

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