Lennard James Expanding Borders Amidst Crisis with Enzo Entertainment

Pivoting a business after a global catastrophe is not an easy feat. Many companies suffered and even closed down at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those connected with live events. Yet, despite being a heavy concert and event company, Enzo Entertainment has thrived amidst the trial. Company founder Lennard James shares how a shift towards marketing services became a pivotal point for the last eighteen months. 

Today, Enzo Entertainment has become more than a concert and event agency. It has become a global marketing and management consulting firm that has helped many businesses turn ideas into fully implemented strategies and offerings. Lennard James brought his many years of experience in business strategy and relationship-building to work and helped companies raise public and private funding, create public relations opportunities, build community engagement, and gain many more results as a direct result.

“We go deep to unlock insight and have the courage to act,” shares Lennard James about what sets Enzo Entertainment apart. “We bring the right people together to achieve our clients’ goals.” When COVID-19 restrictions launched at the early onset of 2020, Enzo Entertainment found itself at a crossroads. It built years of reputation and experience in the concert, comedy shows, and live events space, working with Oscar P, Eddie Griffin, Cedric the Entertainer, and many more. 

But as borders closed and cities went on lockdown, Enzo was faced with uncertainty about what would happen to Enzo Entertainment. So, refusing to go down without a fight, he realigned and recalibrated the business to focus on marketing services. “During the pandemic, Enzo Entertainment concentrated on the company’s marketing services and shifted its focus to more content writing, including press releases, marketing plans, and magazine articles,” shares Lennard.

Today, a temporary strategy to keep profits flowing has become a full-fledged aspect of business operations. What the shift has done is open Lennard’s eyes to the future of entertainment. Today, Enzo Entertainment has events and bookings well into 2022, something that not many agencies have achieved amidst the global health crisis. Moreover, Lennard’s vision has now expanded as he sees a new future for the company— to become a virtual platform for free entertainment for all.

Enzo Entertainment’s primary mission from the beginning has been to provide people with enjoyable entertainment. Today, the brand offers more than entertainment services and brings opportunities to the public by giving everyone the chance to invest in live entertainment. Enzo is working on some innovative approaches to entertainment delivery and conceptualization that he shares will change the landscape of global entertainment in television, music, and even educational experiences for the many years to come. In addition, Lennard James looks to continue expanding the marketing arm for the business to help more artists and entertainers build more community engagement by giving them a platform to reach new audiences.

Enzo Entertainment aims to be a premier entertainment company in the national and international market in the next five years or less. Enzo continues to carry an adaptable spirit and puts his entrepreneurial abilities to good use as he grows his business and his clients in the process. Learn more about Lennard James by visiting Enzo Entertainment’s website and Facebook page.


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