Leaving No Stone Unturned: Renowned CPA Craig Szabo Delivers Tax and Accounting Services Across Various Industries Through Szabo Accounting Corp.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world, nothing is said to be certain except death and taxes.” With everything happening in the world today, changes and all, having a personal accountant is paramount to financial security. High-value individuals, budding businesses, and established organizations alike could greatly benefit from such services, which is pretty much in the wheelhouse of renowned public accountant Craig Szabo.  

With over 40 years of practical and extensive experience in the realm of accounting, Craig Szabo has emerged as a triumphant figure across several industries. In 1995, he established Szabo Accounting Corporation to further expand his services and make them more accessible to a diverse clientele. Since then, his private practice has closely held good relationships with companies in a plethora of service industries, such as Entertainment, Medicine, Dentistry, Real Estate, Food Businesses, and Legal Practitioners. Today, the firm stands as a leader in the industry, cementing its stellar reputation by being named by the Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the top 100 accountants in 2022.

As a massive income tax firm, Szabo Accounting prepares the personal income tax returns of the principal owners of its business clients. Offering a wide range of accounting services, the company is also adept at performing all phases of Business Management with a specialty in sports and all aspects of entertainment. 

As the president and owner of Szabo Accounting, Craig Szabo brings his breadth of knowledge and expertise to the table, allowing the company to set the gold standard for all phases of accounting, consulting, and tax services for their clients. With the growing success of the firm, many satisfied clients have flocked to Szabo’s esteemed services, earning the company several accolades for its tried and tested approach to tax and accounting. 

A bit of history into Craig Szabo’s professional journey offers a glimpse into his storied career as a Certified Public Accountant. After graduating from California State University, Northridge, in 1974, Szabo went to work for a national CPA firm, BDO Seidman. With a pristine work ethic and an impeccable passion for his craft, he acquired the position of Audit Manager for the firm in 1984.

Before establishing Szabo Accounting Corporation, Craig Szabo co-founded Szabo & Fox, where he was a managing partner. The two partners went separate ways when Szabo decided to focus on tax and accounting services, while his partner went on to investment advisor services. 

Since then, Craig Szabo has found tremendous success in the industry. In 2018, he was elected as a Trustee to the Deferred Sales Trust (DST) Charities Board of Directors and as the Treasurer for The Giving Back Fund, a national nonprofit organization that encourages and facilitates charitable events by professional athletes, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, existing nonprofit organizations, corporations and others who truly desire to give back. 

Recently, the Los Angeles Business Journal dubbed Craig Szabo as one of the Top 100 Accountants in 2022, cementing his place as one of the powerhouse players of the industry and bringing even more credibility to his trusted brand.

Apart from all the awards and recognition, Craig Szabo and Szabo Accounting have helped many startup companies gain footing in the business industry by resolving many complex business and tax matters. Whenever litigation matters arise, Craig Szabo is always top-of-mind as an expert witness. 

When asked what truly motivated him to build his career in accounting, Craig Szabo attributes his passion for working with all types of businesses and industries, allowing him to diversify his expertise and help put companies on the map no matter which niche they serve. 

Ultimately, Craig Szabo has proven to the world that his mastery is worth its weight in gold. With tenure and expertise in various industries, Szabo has made an indelible mark in all facets of the accounting world—a truly remarkable feat that other experts in the craft rarely possess.



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