Learn How Entrepreneur Alex Funk Has Succeeded In The Marketplace & Business Through Hard Work & Extreme Ownership

Alex Funk is an American entrepreneur & self made business owner based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. In Alex’s short career in the marketplace he has been apart of building and scaling the largest sales volume Cutco office in the country. Through the fruits of his labor, Funk has been strategic in the deployment of capital and through careful allocation has begun building an impressive real estate portfolio. With much to come in the future including starting his own Cutco office from the ground up & the soon to be publishing of his first book, we decided to sit down with Alex to learn more about his growth to success. 

How Did Alex Get His Start?

Alex wants you to know that most if not all entrepreneurs early in their career(s) have to channel out the naysayers in order to be successful: “Before you take someone’s advice, ask yourself if you’d take their lifestyle.” Being from a small farm-town, he faced this hurdle often in which he was able to overcome by turning the negativity from the naysayers into motivation. His start in business came from joining the Cutco Cutlery sales team in his area, where he quickly found a love for direct sales & entrepreneurship. Funk went on to say “Cutco found me, and I am so grateful for all of the resources that they’ve provided me to help me get to where I am today.” 

Importance Of Mindset 

Funk explains that in order to be successful in the marketplace and in life when it comes to aspiration and goal setting, it starts with never taking no for an answer. Furthermore, Alex went on to say: “If I set my mind to do something, I am going to see it through.” Through Alex’s career it is clear to say that he lives up to just that. During the Pandemic, Alex set out to run a marathon, with no races scheduled in sight due to Covid-19 and a Minnesota winter — Funk decided to train mostly indoors and conducted & completed the race alone on a treadmill. The same drive can be seen in his multiple business ventures, real estate investing, modeling, & talent recruitment for his Cutco organization. Funk says: “Dream big, pursue bigger.” 

Future Growth & Aspirations For Alex Funk

In the future, Alex is excited to further expand his already impressive and established career as an Entrepreneur, Investor, Model, & soon to be Author. Alex’s upcoming focus will be scaling and growing his first from scratch Cutco office that was awarded to him through the organization because of his role and leadership the record-breaking year before. In addition, Alex is in the process of releasing his first book with domestic renowned publisher, Scribe Media. The book titled “26.2” — will cover Alex’s rise through entrepreneurship and the journey necessary to accomplish something like a treadmill marathon, while outlining the similarities in the grit, dedication, and mindset it takes to achieve either (or anything) in life.
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