Learn How Capital Ecomm and Mohammed Shakaoat Have Made Passive Income Realistic For Anyone

Mohammed Shakaoat is an American business professional and the founder of Capital Ecomm. Moe and the Ecomm team have one simple goal in mind: make passive income and financial freedom available to anyone. They broke into the dropshipping industry and rapidly built a name for themselves as a trustworthy automation company. With a dedicated team of Mohammed Shakaoat (CEO), Elijah Ceballos (COO), and Jonathon Tran (CMO) Capital Ecomm is a top competitor in their sector. 

Capital Ecomm’s Vision

Capital Ecomm was constructed with the idea that anyone can start making passive income through dropshipping. The staff at Capital Ecomm have all run their own successful dropshipping companies before and have the knowledge and automation resources to get anyone started. Moe stresses the importance of constant growth and perseverance. He says that anyone can achieve the same results as him, but they must remain disciplined and consistent within business endeavors. There is no easier way to get started with dropshipping than to utilize a company like Capital Ecomm who has the know-how, resources, and proven systems in place to assist you in your success. 

What They Do

Capital Ecomm established their reputation by building Ecommerce automation services that deliver the promised results. Specializing in Walmart Dropshipping Automation, Capital Ecomm’s automation can turn an existing dropshipping company into a hands-free operation. Although many people jump immediately to Amazon to start dropshipping Moe talked about the oversaturation of the Amazon third-party seller market and how Walmart’s margins tend to be much more profitable. There are currently over four million third party sellers on Amazon making it a much more competitive environment. It is more difficult to get approved as a third party seller on Walmart than Amazon which contributes to the overflow of third party Amazon sellers, but Capital Ecomm has the resources to get their client’s shops set up without issues. 

Ecommerce Isn’t Going Anywhere

Ecommerce is a rapidly growing sector with no signs of slowing down. A huge advantage of Ecommerce is the sustainability behind the business model. Even with unexpected changes in the world or market, Ecommerce remains a staple in modern day retail. COVID-19 provided an example of Ecommerce’s viability as most retailers started reallocating more resources towards or completely switching over to an online model. Not only is it reliable, but Ecommerce solves a lot of issues that consumers currently face when purchasing goods or services. Capitalizing on convenience and the growing digital age, Ecommerce is here to stay. 

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