Leadership Expert Dr. Sharon D. Sauls Launches Transformational Leadership Development Program

Dr. Sharon D. Sauls
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In the world of leadership development, one name stands out as a true beacon of inspiration and transformation: Dr. Sharon D. Sauls. With over 25 years of experience in various leadership roles and a deep commitment to nurturing leaders, she has launched a groundbreaking leadership development program that promises to empower individuals in leadership positions to become better versions of themselves.

The BE LED Group, founded and led by Dr. Sauls, is excited to announce its latest offering – a 6-Week Leadership Development Program titled “Leader Magnet: Becoming a Leader Others WANT To Follow.” This program is designed to address the most common challenges leaders face when guiding teams and equips them with the essential tools needed to lead themselves, inspire others, and excel within an organization.

Dr. Sharon D Sauls, a globally recognized leadership executive, consultant, coach, professor, and speaker, brings a wealth of expertise in developing leaders and creating processes and systems that positively impact teams, clients, and guests. Her distinguished career has seen her hold key leadership positions across industries, including healthcare, hospitality, and faith-based organizations. Dr. Sharon is known for her genuine love for people, visionary thinking and collaborative transformational leadership style, which has consistently driven employee engagement and propelled organizations to new heights.

Speaking about her passion for developing leaders, Dr. Sharon said, “I believe that people are our greatest asset, and when we focus on caring for and developing those we lead, the organization thrives. Leadership development is key to improving team engagement, leadership effectiveness, and organizational performance. I’m dedicated to helping leaders tap into their true potential and lead with purpose.”

The “Leader Magnet” program offers a comprehensive approach to leadership development, featuring: 

The 6-Week  Leadership Development Program:  Participants take a deep dive into leadership challenges, gaining practical insights and strategies to lead effectively.

Individual Coaching: 

Individual sessions provide leaders with a confidential non-judgmental space to reflect on their leadership style, enhance self-awareness, receive constructive feedback, and to develop a leadership growth plan.

Group Coaching: 

Small group sessions foster collaboration, communication, and team building among leaders, creating a supportive environment for growth and learning from one another.

Dr. Sharon’s commitment to empowering leaders from various backgrounds and industries is evident in the testimonials of approximately 70 leaders who have benefited from her coaching and programs just this year. These leaders have attested to the profound and lasting impact of Dr. Sharon’s leadership insights and practical tips.

The “Leader Magnet” program is tailored for managers, supervisors, and anyone in a leadership position who may not have received formal leadership training but aspires to lead more effectively. This includes those who may feel apprehensive, frustrated, lacking in confidence, overwhelmed, or simply curious about developing their leadership skills.

Dr. Sharon is on a mission to dispel the notion that leadership development is reserved for a select few. She encourages individuals to take control of their leadership journey and not let a lack of formal training hinder their progress. By reaching out for leadership training and coaching, leaders can boost their confidence, knowledge, performance, and influence.

To learn more about Dr. Sharon D. Sauls and her leadership development offerings, visit her website at www.TheBELEDGroup.com.

As a testament to her remarkable contributions to leadership development, Dr. Sharon D. Sauls has received prestigious awards, including the Black Wall Street Award and the President Joseph R. Biden Lifetime Achievement Award. Her work has been featured on podcasts and in leading newspapers and magazines, cementing her status as a highly sought after professional in the field of leadership.


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