Kevin J Davenport Elevates People and Organizations through Stratus Leadership Development

Airbus A-320 pilot Capt. Kevin J Davenport has committed the most part of his life to be the best airman possible to meet the expectations of his airline company and serve his passengers the best way he knows how. His commendable and admirable standards for excellence are the same value that he adds to the people he trains through Stratus Leadership Development, a consultancy that offers a wide variety of services, including one-on-one coaching and training on improving sales, teams, resource management, and communication, among others. 

Apart from being a commercial pilot, Davenport is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He shared many of his leadership insights as a pilot and veteran in his books Navigate Your Success and Molly’s Leadership Follies: Power from an Idea Book One. He has 20 years of work experience that continues to be relevant for many businesses today. Overall, he has completed over 100 projects, 150 coaching sessions, and eight impressive awards that recognize his exceptional contributions. 

“I use airline crew resource management techniques that have helped me fly over 1,000,000 people safely in my career, and to give the customer a great experience on my airline by providing more of a humane experience on the airlines,” Davenport explained. 

Throughout the course of Davenport’s career, he had a very disturbing realization that never left his mind—people have a natural tendency to shift blame, not take responsibility for their missteps, or make excuses to avoid the next step of owning their careers. These healthy attributes have not been addressed straightforwardly in many organizations today, and Davenport believes that empowering people to take responsibility makes a whole lot of difference in any work culture. His realizations compelled him to reach out to people and impart his personal conviction when it comes to taking responsibility for people and tasks as an airbus pilot. 

Davenport looks forward to connecting with more people and organizations in the next few years as he continues to aspire to teach them the exciting art of taking responsibility, leadership, and communication. His objective is to be able to bring his lifelong teachings to at least five new states and train at least 5,000 people along the way. His passion for sharing his unique message is also one of his many motivations to write three more books in the next five years. 

Ultimately, Davenport wants to be instrumental in helping people live better lives, from developing better relationships with their family members to preserving the ones they create with friends and co-workers. His most important message at this point is about how taking responsibility can lead people to enjoy stronger and more fulfilling relationships in and out of the workplace. He believes that when people master the art of keeping healthy relationships, this can also translate to better productivity, better communication skills, and a better perspective in life. As he brings this valuable message across the country, Davenport hopes to help raise a new generation of leaders who will impact the world more significantly in the future.

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