Ken Jewell: Navigating Divorce Law in Manhattan

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Ken Jewell

Leader In Divorce Law

Splits in the Summer

This summer brought in a spike of new clients for top Manhattan divorce attorney Ken Jewell. “This year particularly, I’ve noticed a lot of people coming out of the woodwork. I think the summer season leads a lot of people to reevaluate.” Ken also says that now people are more comfortable with the current economic situation, “they’re ready to make moves that they might not have been ready for before.” Jewell saw an increase in new calls, especially from wives who moved out to the Hamptons for the summer and the husbands who stayed in the city.

Privacy is Paramount

At Jewell Law, staff members refer to clients only by their first names to maintain anonymity. Appointments are staggered, and clients are immediately ushered to a private office. Former clients include high-profile fashion models, performance artists, owners of renowned business establishments, real estate moguls, and other well-established professionals and business owners.

As Little Pain as Possible

With divorce being an awful, emotionally intense, and painful experience for all those involved, adding an arduous legal process to the hardship only increases agony and maximizes stress. As one of America’s most resolute matrimonial lawyers —quoted extensively in the New York Times, Town & Country, the New York Post, and the New York Law Journal — Attorney Ken Jewell operates Jewell Law, PLLC, with a steadfast philosophy: Resolve matrimonial disputes efficiently to allow clients to move forward with peace of mind.

“It’s only the two parties that are in the room, and there’s no way of being able to prove what’s really happening unless someone shows up with bruises,” says Jewell. Given that background, he advises getting the divorce done smartly and sooner rather than later. Jewell Law excels in highly contested cases where the parties are likely to fight over every little thing. “It’s figuring out what is driving the fight. Once that is addressed, the case takes far less time to get done than it would with other matrimonial firms.”

Jewell Law

“We pride ourselves on getting the job done, doing what’s necessary, and expediting clients through the process instead of having their cases drag on unresolved,” says Jewell. “They don’t want to go through years and years of agony; they want to get the job done sooner rather than later.”

Jewell tries to get his clients to see divorce proceedings in an optimistic light, to move on from an unhappy situation. “One of the biggest problems in matrimonial law is that everybody wants justice,” Jewell explains, “but marriage is one of the closest relationships anybody can have. It’s not the kind of relationship where justice is always available.”

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