Keidi Keating Helps CEOs and Entrepreneurs Find Their Voice Through Your Book Angel

Writing a book is a daunting task. The light of wisdom often comes in the most unexpected places, and guidance is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, Keidi Keating has just the thing to help aspiring authors materialize their visions. The brilliant ghostwriter does all of this through her esteemed company Your Book Angel.

Keidi Keating is an acclaimed ghostwriter of books for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and company founders. She mainly writes non-fiction books that typically fall under the category of business, self-help, motivational, inspirational, biographical and many more. She is adept at writing books that are focused on entrepreneurism and leadership, which is why she lends her talents to people in the business industry.

As much as she focuses on writing non-fiction books, Keidi Keating also writes fiction books and sometimes fiction based on true stories. Through Your Book Angel, she has coached countless CEOs through writing their own books, if so desired. Her holistic services also cover editing and publishing their books to make sure it gets to the right audience with their message fully intact.

Your Book Angel grants the light of guidance to esteemed clients who can’t seem to find the right words for their ideas. Keidi Keating is well-versed at crystallizing her clients’ messages, holding a sacred space for her clients and making sure that she listens to each and every word that they say. This allows for the collaborative process to flourish, making way for groundbreaking information to come up during each conversation.

There is no other ghostwriter out there that is so adept at creating a healing space for clients. Your Book Angel is a beacon of light for CEOs that want to spread their message to the world. Its services are tailor-made for each client to bring out a more intimate and personal account of who they truly are and what they truly stand for.

Keidi Keating is a master at bringing out the best in each of her clients. She finds the right words and puts them on a page for audiences to flip through and digest. Her words seem to linger and resonate within her clients’ audiences no matter who they are and where they come from.

Your Book Angel was established out of Keidi’s passion for helping people’s book dreams come true, and since its inception, she has never looked back.

In the near future, Keidi Keating hopes to help even more CEOs and company founders with writing, editing, and publishing New York Times bestsellers to inspire and motivate other people to pursue a path of entrepreneurship and business.

“Even if you do not have time to write your book or have any book-writing experience, your dream can still come true by hiring a conscious ghostwriter to write it for you,” shared Keidi Keating.

Your Book Angel has positioned itself as a brand unlike any other. With Keidi Keating at the helm, the brand is sure to rise to greater heights taking its clients along towards the height of their success. The future is looking bright for CEOs and entrepreneurs out there, and it’s all thanks to the pristine efforts and guidance of Your Book Angel.

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