Kayvon “One-Call Closer” Kay on Overcoming Obstacles and Building a Brand in the Sales Industry

Victors who have reached the summit all had to start at ground zero. These people have overcome many obstacles, made their marks, and dominated their respective fields. Still, the fact remains that their success was a long and arduous journey and did not happen overnight. Kayvon Kay is an individual driving home that stark and humble beginnings can still lead to a life of triumph.

Kayvon Kay is an entrepreneur who has come from humble beginnings to become a master of sales, closing expert, keynote speaker, and creator of the One-Call Closer™ Methodology. Like many people, Kayvon started from humble beginnings, growing up in a small steel town in Canada where almost everyone was a factory worker. Throughout his childhood, he was bullied and belittled by everyone who told him he would only succeed as a factory worker.

The lack of support and derogatory statements followed him into adulthood, and soon, Kayvon started to believe he was a failure. Finally, however, a near-death experience gave him the needed jolt to take charge of his life despite the naysayers. He realized it didn’t matter what anyone had to say; the ability to make or mar his future lies solely with him. 

With a new lease on life, he tapped into his talent as a salesperson to find employment in one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Leveraging his honed skills as a Closer from working at his uncle’s furniture shop and with real estate agents and mortgage brokers, the firebrand individual soon became Canada’s #1 pharmaceutical sales representative. 

However, being the top sales rep and earning six figures while working once a week only made Kayvon happy for a little while. Then, he realized he didn’t want to work for someone else. “I didn’t want to build someone else’s dream,” he said. So, to focus on his dreams, he did the unthinkable. He quit his six-figure job to pursue a challenging entrepreneurial path. Unfortunately, it was not all roses as he made rookie mistakes in the online marketing scene, was $150,000 in debt, and stood in line to declare bankruptcy. 

In that dark, terrifying and lonesome moment, he realized he had almost accepted failure. “I was on the brink of allowing everyone’s pessimistic predictions of my future to come true. I felt hopeless, ashamed, and defeated in every way.” Choosing not to accept defeat, the inspiring individual decided to change his approach, conducting his research to see how he could add value to the marketplace different from what others were doing. He soon entered the captivating world of High-Ticket Closers, and within one month, he went from losing $25,000 per month to earning $25,000 – $50,000 per month. 

With his new approach, he re-entered the market and soon became one of the top closers in the high-ticket space over the phone; and was fondly dubbed “The One Call Closer” by the media. To help others break even in the same space, the power player leverages his over two decades of experience to create a multimillion-dollar coaching program teaching advanced selling techniques- the “Art of the Close” in an impactful and authentic way. 

Now standing as a titan in his industry, Kayvon Kay has mastered the art of sales and closing and has worked with the highest-paid consultants, the most influential coaches, and the most successful closers. Additionally, he has spoken on over a hundred stages. Currently, he runs The Sales Connection – a high-performance sales agency where he manages and optimizes a digitally enabled sales team to help clients convert their inbound leads into seven and eight-figure profits.  

As a man of determination, ambition, and drive, Kayvon continues to use his vast range of skills centered on the art of sales to deliver on his mission to unlock the potential authentic selling for his clients and students. “Sales requires a natural gift. It’s a form of artistry,” he says.


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