Karen Sherwood, Founding Director of the BG5 Business Institute, is Looking to Make the Human Design Personality Assessment Mainstream

Karen Sherwood
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Karen Sherwood, Founding Director of BG5 Business Institute and owner of the BG5 Solutions Consulting Firm, spent her whole life trying to “fix” herself. 

“What was wrong with me? I spent most of my life trying to find the key to fix myself. I studied nearly every assessment tool out there, from Myers Briggs, to Strengthsfinder, to… you name it. All of them gave me some insights, but none of them gave the answers I was looking for. I needed more,” she said. 

Personality tests such as the DiSC or Myers Briggs are mainstream in the United States and often used in a business setting to help understand employees and gain insights into how a person operates. But there are limitations, which Sherwood found out very quickly. 

Beginning to Work With Human Design

As the owner of the BG5 Solutions Consulting Firm, she is shaking up the business world by introducing a whole new approach to career, leadership and teams. Using a new type of deeply personalized assessment tool, she can quickly identify a person’s talent, align individuals to fulfilling careers, and support leaders in bringing out the best in the individuals they lead. She is also able to align people with their life work, life purpose, and show them how to remove resistance by understanding their shadows. Sherwood also shows individuals how to operate in alignment with their Career Design giving them the ability to confidently make the right decisions at the right time to align them with the most favorable outcome.

But the best part of what Sherwood can do with the assessment tool is give individuals balance in both their personal and their professional life with the gift of communication.

“Relationships are key. When you know how you are designed to communicate, and you understand those around you, whether it is your spouse, partner, children, family, friends or co-workers, you create a more peaceful environment both personally and professionally. You no longer take things personally or create drama situations – you learn how to approach communication with others in a completely different way.” Sherwood said.

Helping Others Understand Their Design

How does Sherwood help individuals, leaders and teams? For individuals – she can help align an individual to the right job or career where you can find satisfaction and fulfillment and avoid burnout and frustration. For the leaders – she can give you the tools to lead in a natural way that is aligned with who you are to remove resistance and empowers both you and your team. For teams – she can help uncover the underlying team dynamics, so each person on the team feels honored and recognized for their true skills, gifts and talents.

Sherwood passionately shared, “With this assessment tool – I finally realized there was nothing wrong with me, nothing I needed to fix. This is the only assessment tool that didn’t put me in a box or give me a label. What I love about this tool is it actually gave me the permission to simply be myself. “

In today’s world, it is easy to be deeply conditioned by who we think we should be or what others tell us we should be. Imagine seeing yourself clearly for the very first time. Seeing how you are designed to lead, how you are designed to work, how you are designed to connect and communicate with others. Also, seeing the work environment that is best suited for you. All these things can make a world of difference in your life, both personally and professionally!

Sherwood has dedicated the last 13 years and more to deeply understanding this system and using it to transform the lives of thousands of people across the globe.

The Future of Developing Leaders and Building Companies

The true measure of any assessment tool is the accuracy and detail of the results. What makes this tool different is its ability to utilize three pieces of factual data to give you spot-on results. Other assessment tools utilize pages of difficult-to-answer questions with results that can change over time or based on the reason for taking the assessment, which ends up measuring a person’s mental construct rather than their actual personality and design. With the business approach to the Human Design System known as the BG5 Success Formula, individuals can get the results that make the biggest difference in their lives, both personally and professionally.

The first result is finding the blueprint to unlock a person’s greatest potential. Sherwood has witnessed firsthand the freedom that people feel once they understand how they are uniquely designed to express themselves in the world. “Knowing who you are gives you the confidence to simply be yourself. The more you are yourself, the more successful you become.” Sherwood says. Sherwood explains that using this system can enhance leadership, motivate employees and create a whole new culture in business where individuals are supported in reaching their potential and doing what they are naturally designed to do.

The second result uncovers what Sherwood calls “shadows.” These are things such as distractions, things that throw you off course, frustrations, anger triggers, things that make one bitter, and things that disappoint. These are all the things that hold a person back from reaching their potential.

The last result is discovering how a person makes their best decisions. “Contrary to popular belief, the mind is the worst place to make decisions. The best place to make decisions is through your body intelligence. Your body knows before your mind can even figure it out.” Sherwood says. Are you designed to trust your gut response, or wait for emotional clarity, or trust your instinctive knowing? There is a specific way an individual is designed to make decisions that aligns them to the most favorable outcome that is correct for them.

“BG5 is the assessment tool of the future,” Sherwood said. With over a decade spent developing her expertise in this method, Karen Sherwood is looking to share her expertise with the world. “Understanding your employees and yourself better in the business world can change the trajectory of everyone’s paths for the better.” If you are looking to develop your leadership abilities or build a better team within your organization, find the right tools for the future of company and team building at KarenSherwood.com.


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