Meet JustFix: Adam Graham’s Uber-Inspired Home Repair App

Meet JustFix- Adam Graham's Uber-Inspired Home Repair App
Photo Courtesy: Adam Graham

Have you ever needed home maintenance services but just can’t find the time to sift through the ratings of the dozens of handymen to find a good one? What if there was a way to streamline the process of finding the best handymen in your area and book your choice of service—all with just a click? With Adam Graham’s new app, you can do just that. He aims to revolutionize the handyman industry with JustFix, a tech startup that promises to be the Uber for home maintenance.

Founded in 2021, JustFix aims to transform how people handle home maintenance by providing a platform connecting homeowners, tenants, and landlords with vetted tradespeople in under 30 seconds. The concept is straightforward yet innovative: make booking a plumber, locksmith, or handyman as easy as ordering a taxi or takeaway. 

The Uber of Home Maintenance

Adam envisions JustFix as a two-sided managed marketplace, designed to alleviate the stress and anxiety of finding reliable tradespeople when they’re needed urgently. The app ensures that every tradesperson on the platform is thoroughly vetted and trained, offering users peace of mind and quick solutions to their home maintenance problems. “When I came up with this idea, I couldn’t believe someone hadn’t already done it,” Adam says. “In today’s day and age, this should exist.”

Overcoming Industry Challenges

The home maintenance industry poses unique challenges compared to other gig economy sectors. Unlike ride-sharing services where a driver really only needs a license and a vehicle, tradespeople require specific skills and certifications. “There’s additional complexity to it. Uber drivers just need to have a driving license. For tradespeople, they need to have a trade,” Adam explains. This complexity adds layers to the vetting and training processes, making JustFix’s mission even more ambitious.

Lessons from Experience

Adam’s extensive background in running public companies and navigating IPOs informs his approach to JustFix. He emphasizes the importance of corporate governance, financial reporting, and having a well-constituted board. “Running a public company comes with  an additional level of scrutiny, and it requires best practice corporate governance,” he says. He also highlights the need for cultural alignment within the board to ensure effective decision-making and company growth.

Expanding Horizons

Currently operational in the UK, JustFix is preparing to expand into Europe and North America. The company is in its early stages, working toward an IPO on the Aquis Stock Exchange. “We’re now in the process of preparing to IPO the company on the Aquis Stock Exchange,” says Adam. “This is a way to access capital, provide some liquidity for our investors, and give us other levers to pull because we’re planning to use acquisitive growth as part of the mix as well as driving strong organic growth.”

Adam’s goal for JustFix is ambitious yet clear: to grow the company to at least a £500 million valuation. He plans to achieve this by building a group of companies with complementary, synergistic services focusing on tech-driven solutions for the home maintenance sector. This vision includes acquiring complementary businesses to bolster JustFix’s market position and service offerings.

Adam Graham’s vision for JustFix is to create a seamless, efficient solution for home maintenance, much like Uber did for transportation. By leveraging his extensive experience and focusing on innovation and customer convenience, Adam aims to make JustFix a household name in the home maintenance industry, transforming how we handle home repairs, making it as simple as a click.

Click here to download the JustFix app today.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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