JTS Vacations: The Only Trustworthy Agency for That Stress-Free Getaway

Planning the perfect vacation is a no-brainer for some seasoned vacationists, but arranging the ideal getaway can be a long and arduous process for some people who don’t have the luxury of time on their hands. As a result, excitement will run low, and tensions will be at an all-time high when organizing a decent trip.

For JTS Vacations, this sort of pressure only gets them going. A company founded by Shamica Davis, JTS Vacations helps all sorts of individuals, friends, couples, and families plan a perfect and picture-perfect retreat. The firm prides itself on offering unforgettable and high-quality travel experiences, all while extending top-notch customer support. The agency manages every aspect and itinerary of the trip to bring out the best of their client’s holiday. Clients will receive the same customized experience each time they call because JTS Vacations is keen on ensuring their customers get the best satisfaction. 

Of course, this service won’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of one Shamica Davis. Shamica thrived on planning family vacations. However, each time she would, most of the online booking tools would frustrate her, stating that she would always have to continuously call back and reaffirm the situation, making things even more stressful than they already are. She believed that most of these sites don’t have ample customer support, and some are just nonexistent. The dissatisfaction Shamica had towards these sites prompted her to start JTS Vacations. She wanted to offer a more stress-free method of organizing a fabulous getaway. She began to take notes about what the other sites offered and how she could improve the system. In next to no time, she developed a full-service travel firm that exceeded a majority of the online agencies. JTS Vacations bolstered its status by providing their client with a pleasing and beneficial experience.

There are plenty of factors that make JTS Vacations distinct from most travel firms. They take delight in providing customers with superior client support, all while working hard to provide a great vacation plan. They also believe that keeping their client notified of the process is vital, deeming that this will help the customer enjoy the experience even more. In addition, the firm does in-depth research of their client’s destinations to educate them about the place’s culture further.

JTS Vacations offers its 3PEG strategic approach to all its clients. 3PEG stands for Plan, Pay, Pack, Educate, and Go. ‘Plan’ is for when they tailor all details about their customer’s vacation; ‘Pay’ is for ensuring that the trip is all paid for before leaving; ‘Pack’ is having their customers relax and pack because they will take care of the rest; ‘Educate’ is sharing all details about the place their client is heading to; and ‘Go,’ a not-so-subtle way of telling their customers to have fun out there and make countless memories. 

Shamica made JTS Vacations into what it is today, but she still plans on making it bigger, thinking of more ways to solidify her company’s extraordinary status. She’s also hoping to inspire new travel agents by creating a CEO coaching program that centers on them learning more about the ups and downs of the business.

To learn more about JTS Vacations, head on to their website, Instagram, and Facebook page.


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