Helping the Powerless Become Powerful: Author and Motivational Speaker Josias Jean-Pierre on His Mission to Lift Others Up

Every person has experienced the difficulty of feeling powerless as if tomorrow will never come and the future does not hold much to look forward to. Many may struggle to get out of a slump, may it be due to stress, work, relationships, and other factors out of one’s control. Earlier in 2022, CNN reported that around one in five adults expressed feeling loneliness or depression either often or always over the past year. Motivational speaker and recognized author Josias Jean-Pierre’s experiences throughout his life have made him well-acquainted with these feelings, and he believes that there is value in seeking help to truly heal, grow, learn, and make the most of what life has to offer.

Jean-Pierre, an Amazon Best-Seller and author of inspirational books such as “What Is Your Why,” is a Haitian-American raised in Sea-Tac, Washington. He has always had the drive to inspire others and advocate for those who find themselves at a disadvantage in life. A champion for youth and a believer in the power of self-development, Jean-Pierre has spoken to audiences of over 4,000 people on more than 300 various events and occasions, helping each person create a blueprint of success and overcome the obstacles they face. 

Having been diagnosed with a disability, Jean-Pierre has had to overcome not only the challenges that came with his diagnosis but also the lack of belief of others in his ability to rise above. Despite the difficulties he faced and the negativity he found himself surrounded by, he was able to make the most of this unexpected change and has found growth and strength as a result of his perseverance.

“Life is all about progress, and being set back is just a temporary thing – the renewed mindset can be used to effectively create momentum to make a comeback from the setback,” Jean-Pierre expressed.

In his mission to lift others up, Jean-Pierre has touched thousands of lives through his published works and hundreds of speaking engagements. His incredible work has not gone unrecognized – Jean-Pierre has been featured in the 30 under 30 list with the likes of Ariana Grande and LilNas X, named as one of the Top 10 Inspirational Africans in 2021, and was one of the Top 10 Authors of the Year during the 2022 Author Allstars Conference.

Today, Jean-Pierre continues his work in bringing himself down to those who need him and helping to elevate them to better dispositions to take on life’s obstacles. “I don’t want the people who went through something similar to me to have to feel as if they are not able to rise above their situation and make incredible movements forward in life,” he shared.

Those who feel they may have reached a low point in their lives or certain aspects thereof need not lose hope in the idea that things will never get better. With the right guidance, a path to success can be paved, and a meaningful and purpose-filled life can be within reach. Jean-Pierre believes in the power of helping others in developing an aura of intention to reach success and, in turn, pass on positivity through his philosophy of “sending the elevator back down so that others can reach the top.”



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