Joshua Pollitt: How Nurturing My Three Natural Talents Has Made Me a Better Entrepreneur 

Photo by Jon Singer

Joshua Pollitt has exemplified the slow hard-working progress of entrepreneurship whilst juggling many responsibilities all at once. This is one man who knows the specifics of being an entrepreneur but also learning how to be an entrepreneur the right way and why potential is key. Mr. Pollitt lives by this code of conduct day in and out. When someone other than yourself has discovered your potential, these particular individuals act much like beacons of light for any entrepreneur looking to find their way. For Joshua Pollitt, it was a combination of both as he knew of his potential from a young age, but he was often reminded of his potential by others and encouraged not to squander it.

He believes that everyone should live by an intense code of discipline and should always possess an optimistic outlook on life regardless of the hardships that one may encounter. Much like Eli, in the “The Book of Eli,” Joshua believes that no matter how challenging life may become, it is imperative to stand true to your faith. In order to do these things, one must be able to discover their potential, which is where talent lies hidden. 

There are three main talents that have shaped who Mr. Pollitt is today: Gifts of Empathy, Ideation, and Gab.

Gift of Empathy—Empathy became one of Joshua’s rising specialties amongst his peers, always having expressed his intentions through listening and learning from others. Joshua told me how he first learned of being an “empath” at a younger age, and after finding out what it meant, he lived by its very value: listening and understanding others first before being understood. As a teenager, his empathic skills came into play working at one of his first jobs, Value City in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, as a Retail Sales Associate. Working at Value City is where he found his early fit into the world of listening and understanding the concerns of people in the field of supply and demand. There are many people that have come to Joshua for a listening ear based on the way he presents himself as someone who genuinely cares about everyone.

Listening to others is of utmost importance. A good entrepreneur aids in the needs of his employees and clients. However, a great entrepreneur has the latter in place as well as possesses the needed effective listening skills in order to understand the competition ahead and how to optimize tactics for success. According to Joshua, if you don’t master the art of Empathy, you will never know how to listen, understand, focus properly ,and reciprocate the needed energy to those that you intend to influence. Without influence, as Joshua stated, you will not only be an awful entrepreneur, but you probably will not last long in the business that you are involved within.

Gift of Ideation—Joshua knew that in order to stand out amongst the condensed sea of competition, he would have to master one specific area: Ideation. As a young savant, he has always been gifted with a discipline to learn and read all sorts of literature with an open mind. He first learned of his gift of ideation when he first picked up a book as a child that his late grandfather bought for him The Prisoner of Azkaban at the age of 9. Even then as a child, Joshua was very creative and dramatic in a sense where he was a young “jack of all trades.” For Joshua, without ideation you will remain stagnant in everything that you do. 

Gift of Gab—There is a book titled The Magic of Thinking Big that Joshua had the luxury of reading as a teenager. There was one particular sentence in the book that has stuck with him after all of these years, which stated “[t]he speakers listen, and the listener speaks.” This very sentence is what enhanced Joshua’s talent of empathizing with others to be able to communicate effectively. The book was gifted to him by a businessman that noticed the gift of gab in Joshua and his potential in being a very talented salesman one day.

As a human collective, we are all gifted and indeed possess natural talents that can be beneficial to our life’s calling in many ways. Most people in the world have so much potential and hidden gifts that they fail to tap into due to poor habits and worldly distractions. In Joshua’s case, others noticed his hidden gifts and untapped potential. They then pointed them out and that was the push to get Joshua going in the direction he needed. Joshua heeded their advice and chose to nurture his gifts which has led him to become the man he is today.


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